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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Repeat Attenders

The Bain Of My Life
I meant to write my blog yesterday but I didn't get around to it. I did update my website but then I had some internet issues. I am growing slightly concerned how often I lose signal at the gallery. I do not think that I could cope with the thought of phoning India once a week to talk to a man who really isn't called David or Jimmy. I do not doubt for one minute that there are people with those names who are from India but I would hope that they would prefer to use their cultural history and their names that actually mean something rather than the rather unimaginative Dave.
Sorry about the rant.
I have another good story to tell you about my day off that has turned into a day that I may as well have worked as I have been to the gallery twice.
Firstly I had to be at 7.30 to let the Sky Technician man in at 8.00. I am now the proud owner of Sky+ which seems to be cool.
As I was up so early I thought I'd treat myself to going back to bed after he left. Then the phone rang which I dutifully ignored. Then my mobile went and to my horror the number was the gallery so I answered it and then listened to the sound of my alarm going off. Oh joy!
Get dressed and then drive down there and turn turned it off. I have absolutely no idea what set it off as  everything was fine.  I reset it and came home as soon as I walked through the door the landline rang and surprise surprise it was the alarm at the gallery.
I don't need to tell you what happened next. So much for a relaxing day off.
Now to explain the title of this blog. I am very excited to report that firstly people are making special efforts to visit the gallery every time that they are in Swanage. That is excellent news for as it has also meant that I have had repeat purchasers as well.
Secondly, people are starting to say that they have looked me up as they saw an advert in Evolver. Which means that the cost of the advert was money well spent.
It is my day off so I am going to sign off now and try to enjoy the rest of my day off.

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