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Friday, 30 September 2011

I'm Not Sure.

Well, as I had zero feedback I don't know what you think. I am undecided as the new format does not allow me to share my blog via Facebook properly. That is quite important to me as that is how I get most of my friends to read my blog.
I'm not sure that I'll keep it as it also does not open in a mobile phone friendly way. Which is also a downside.
Ultimately, I need to be able to be read on as many different formats as possible and you can't open it on an iPad either. I think I may well have answered my own question.
There is no point in choosing style over accessibility so as of Monday I think I will revert back to my old blog but make the tweaks that I want within that.
I am going to close the gallery early and head out into the sunshine as that's where I think that all my potential visitors have been all day.
A bit busier than yesterday but still quite quiet.
I hope that you have something fantastic planned for this weekend so that you can be outside an enjoy the sun. I am sure that you have got that all under control.
Have a great weekend and I'll be back soon.

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