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Monday, 7 November 2011

Sold Not 1 But 2!

Until They Want You Mind Theirs!

Well 'Hello Monday'! Nice to be back at work! One of those statements is not in fact true? Guess which one.
At the eleventh hour on Saturday a couple came in and I said hello, they said 'We are just looking' which is gallery speak for 'Leave us the Hell alone as we just want to appreciate the work on the walls etc without necessarily buying anything so back off'. Message received and understood. I carried on doing whatever choredom that I had been involved with up to that point. A few minutes later I noticed that they had picked up a price list. I still didn't move, I had been told. Then she says I'd like this one please. I am out of my chair like a rocket had gone off under my backside. Now you want to talk, and we did and they were lovely. I had fully intended to close early as I had stuff to do and they would probably be the last people through the door. No they weren't, she sees her brother across the road and says come and look at this gallery he walks in and about five minutes later he bought something too. Now that's what I call a great end to the day. It does however get better. The guy whose wife bought a piece is an artist and he would be interested in hiring the gallery to show his work. He showed me some pictures of his work and it is great so that could be something to look forward to in the future. He then mentioned his son is a designer and the gallery would be a great space for him to show his work. How exciting!
All of the above is way more exciting than my day has been today. I have spent it trying to design a poster for my Christmas Show. It is tedious as I can't include any pictures as the work won't be selected for ages yet.
I have designed two so far I'm hoping third time lucky. I like them both but I do not love them. But the good news is that I have mastered the whole sizing thing which has been beating me for months.
I'm off to do something less taxing!

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