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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New Exhibition, New Requests.

Debbie Lee

If you knew how busy I have been you will understand the lack of blog. I have had some really good feedback about the blogs I've been writing of late. I may have raised the bar, I just hope that I can keep up the good work.

The new Debbie Lee exhibition is up and is already getting some really nice comments. It could not be more different to Brians' exhibition. It will never cease to amaze me, the breadth of work that I get to curate at the gallery. If you would like to see a few selected pictures from this exhibition then just have a look at the website.

I just want to give people another opportunity to get people to like the gallery Facebook page. I intend to add lots of interactive media to it. Video tutorials, links to art films, links to art websites and also several opportunities to get involved in art projects in the South West. Just follow the link and just click on 'like'. Don't worry it won't replace my blog it will be updated with new info daily.


If there any of you out there who are reviewers on Tripadvisor I would really appreciate some new reviews. I am currently ranked 7th out of 12 attractions in Swanage and all it takes is a few more positive reviews to improve my rankings.


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