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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Je t'aime Fromage et du Vin

Bonjour! I had a great time in France yesterday. I went for a long, lazy, lunch at an art hotel. I strongly recommend it. It was called Hotel des Iles in Barnville Carteret right on the coast. The weather was predictably awful but who needs sun when you're drinking wine and eating freshly caught seafood? I followed that up with a few hours of wine fueled retail therapy. Who could ask for a better day?

On Thursday I had the business owners blues. Today I am back to feeling fantastic about the gallery as it has been an outstanding day. Loads of visitors and great feedback and some new ideas about using the space in the evenings.
As usual they are all formative ideas and when they are made more permanent I will let you know.
I have not produced a drawing for four whole days. I am definitely suffering from withdrawals.
Keeping it short today as I have so much to do.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Army Of Me

If all is struggle then the fight must be worthy. That is how I feel sometimes when I am battling to get things done.
I think there must be days where your mettle is well and truly tested. I also know that I am not alone.
I think if you remain optimistic about your chances of success and don't let the Failure Devil whisper too loudly in your ear, everything should turn out just fine.
I opened yesterday and had a steady flow of visitors throughout the day. Today however has seen just two people cross the threshold. I am definitely changing the day that I close to a Thursday, I think.
I am off to France tomorrow as I mentioned before and I'm hoping that some of their laissez faire will rub off on me.
I have been getting a lot of interest in the workshop side of things and I'm hoping to be running a glass jewellery, printmaking and drawing ones very soon. So watch this space for dates and empty places.

I hope that you have got some great things planned for this lovely long weekend. My only caution would be to have a weatherproof Plan B.  
I know that is easier said than done but failure to plan is planning to fail as some annoyingly right person once said.
I hope that those of you who enjoy all the royal hoo ha have a great royal day tomorrow!
I have just noticed that I have a terrible habit of typing words the wrong way round or round the wrong way. Can you see the difference? Does one sound better than the other?
On that note I bid you Adieu!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

If Only I Had A Plan B

I thought you might like to see my new drawing that I produced using my new favourite thing. It is this great free tool I found on Stumbleupon. If you haven't looked at it, you should there are so many great things on there.
It has been quite busy at the gallery today, so now I know that to close on a Wednesday is probably not the way forward. 
I've had a minor disaster. I sent all my posters and invites off to printed and somehow they have all come back like a pile of rubbish. For some obscure reason when sent as an attachment it alters the font and the layout which sucks. I now have lots of crappy looking posters that I will able to do absolutely nothing with. I was hoping to get out and deliver them all tomorrow. I guess plan B will have to come into operation.
It might be a good idea to think of a plan B if you intend to resort to it at some point. What do you think?
The temperature has dropped considerably since the balmy 24 we were getting at the weekend. I am sure that everyone will be pleased to know that the weather this weekend is supposed to be rubbish. I just hope that you all took advantage of the sun last weekend.
I am glad that I did. A busy day ahead for me tomorrow trying to remedy my printing nightmare.
You will be pleased to know that I have edited out at least five 'so's. I am determined to go cold turkey and give up all those so's. 

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Help I Need Somebody, Not Just Anybody, I Need You

I have decided that I will focus my efforts in making sure that people attend my events. I'm also putting out a request. I need someone to host the auction that has a bit more comedy presence than me in a skirt. If you know someone or think you'd like to be involved let me know.
I know that I am going to be lumbered with job if no-one comes forward to help me out. I'll muddle through.
I am formally inviting you if you are able to get to Swanage, but I do need to know some ideas of numbers as I have to sort out the catering. If you'd like to attend leave me a comment
I have been very productive today as I have a case of the guilts as I have been enjoying the sun as opposed to being sat in the gallery.
I am going to be opening the gallery tomorrow as I am going to be closed on Friday. I wish I could tell you that it is because I am going to be glued to the gogglebox watching the nuptials of the man who would be king (eventually). But the truth is that I am going to spend the day in France buying unhealthy amounts of cheese and alcohol.
I'm sure that I will enjoy that far more.
There's been a few more people through the door today, thank goodness. The sun has departed so that makes me really happy that I managed to spend some time in it over the weekend.
See you back here soon.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Is There Anybody Out There?.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the Bank Holiday so far I hope that you have too. I am at the gallery today just tidying up from the talk on Saturday. I do believe that my fears were justified. Everybody was enjoying the balmy evening and thought better of sitting in the gallery listening to a talk. I have to just let you know however that you did actually miss a treat. It was funny and very entertaining. Interestingly, I learnt a lot about myself in a lateral way. I have spoken before about obsessive collecting and ordering things it would appear that I am not alone. Hoarding is a lifestyle choice. I don't however want to become one of those tragic people who collect newspapers and pile them up in printed towers.

 I think I'm fairly safe because I read the papers on my iPad.
The good news is that I've just hired out the gallery for September. Yay! So you will be hearing more about that at a later date.
Anyway, I'm going to take my sister to the beach this afternoon as she is from land locked Northampton and everyone needs a sea fix when they visit the coast.
Enjoy the rest of you day and if you are lucky enough to have booked the whole week off.............I'm not jealous much!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Woe Is Me!

I am sat at the gallery wishing I was outside. I was tempted to write just that. But I can't really justify writing a six word blog.
I am all ready for the talk tonight, I've dusted, hoovered and polished glasses. I hope that the sun doesn't keep people away as they are going to relishing every last drop of sunlight and who can blame them. I'm just jealous.
I have submitted my piece to the PAW organizers and I will put a link in so that you can have a look anyway.
I'm also hosting Jim Hunter which you can find details about if you go to the events page and click on May 26th.
I hope that you will be able to make it to the show it will definitely be a show not be missed.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Just A Couple Of Lines

The Easter Dunny
I hope that you have all enjoyed the first day of your long weekend. I was lucky enough to have someone open up for me today. How could I say no. So I had the pleasure of enjoying the somewhat intermittent sunshine. I would love for that to happen every day, especially when it's sunny.
My gallery news is very short, I have been asked to write a blurb for PAW website. How exciting is that? It's going to be about the gallery. I'm going to sort that out tomorrow.
If you are in the Swanage area tomorrow at 6.00 pop in to the gallery and have a glass of wine and listen to the artist talk that will be taking place. I guarantee that it will be a great wait to start your Saturday evening. I'm opening as usual tomorrow so please make sure that when you're contemplating what you are going to do tomorrow that I hope will involve be outside. You can think of me sat in the gallery willing people to walk through the door.
Happy Easter Weekend, Passover and Bank Holiday Weekend.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Ode To The Window Smudgers

They come, they look, they peer
They use their hands to help them stare
Finger periscopes is what they make
They leave the windows in a terrible state
The window smudgers come from far and wide
My only wish is that they would come inside
To see the art without glass in the way
It would be guaranteed to make my day
Greasy ghost faces haunt my dreams
A various combination of lotions, sweat and sun creams
Smudgers, I plead with you to walk through the door
So that I can have smudge free windows once more

I will readily admit that my ode is not any lyrical masterpiece, but as a famous flatulent person once said 'better out than in'. I'm operating the exact opposite policy as regards the infamous window smudgers. Just a bit of fun really.

It has actually been another fairly busy day at the gallery. If I had a pound for everyone that tried to make me pay for advertising I would be able to pay for some advertising. I'm sure there's some irony in there somewhere.
I had two really nice visitors today, my old LSA's from when I used to teach for a living. It was lovely to see them and we wiled away a pleasant hour or so gossiping/catching up with all of our mutual news.
Old friends are always welcome at the gallery as well as new one I hasten to add.
I am eagerly anticipating the construction of my new sofa. I'm lying. I will grit my teeth and hope to keep the sweating and swearing to an absolute minimum. I'll let you know how that goes.
Anyway, whilst I'm typing I'm not doing anything productive. I've already given you a poem what more do you want? Blood! :)
Have a lovely evening. Those of you who are going away for the Easter Weekend drive safe, have fun and take it easy. The same applies for those of you who are staying put, without the driving bit!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Please Don't Rain On My Parade!

The Finished Drawing

Wow!!! This took me so long. If you are thinking I mean the drawing you would be wrong. Yes, it did take me four days but what I'm actually talking about is getting the text to the right hand side of the page. Sometimes modern technology is quite frustrating. Do you see how I reigned myself in then? I ignored the urge to rant and settled with a gentle moan.
I'm not at all sure that it is good to be sat in when the sun shines. I'm suffering from S.A.D as it is so any missed opportunity to sit in the sun only makes me S.A.D.D.E.R!
There are a few things to mention, the artist talk by Andrew Piesley which is happening at the gallery on Saturday from 6.00- 7.00 and this really is going to be the last call for the Abstract Open exhibition. There are a few spaces left and when they are gone, they are gone.

I got to the gallery this morning and the windows looked like there had been the annual convention of the window smudgers held at the gallery yesterday. It was shocking. I had to get straight out there and de-smudge them. I'm thinking of doing a piece of conceptual art called 'The Goldfish Bowl Gallery'. I'm going to set up a time lapse camera focused on the windows and I'm going to photograph every single last window smudger and their smudges. Then I will exhibit the photos. What do you think?

At the gallery there are now art books to browse through and coffee for those that might want it. I'm off to buy a comfy chair tomorrow. So you can come in and relax and enjoy the art at your leisure.
Day off tomorrow and I'm going to a haunted church and IKEA. An interesting combo I'm sure. Make the most of the sun people as it is forecast rain tomorrow. That will be last Wednesday and this Wednesday rainy! Brilliant!!! I'm so very lucky.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Memories are Made of This

Is it time for me to start tying knots in things, writing even more lists and sticking Post Its to every available surface? I'm afraid to say that it might be. My sieve like memory is starting to cause me a few problems. Admittedly another year older, another year closer to senility.
Anyway the the biggest thing I have forgotten I have now remembered and have changed things accordingly. The Charity Auction for Japan will be on Saturday 21st May. I hope that you can make it.
So whilst the sun shines I sit like an office bunny in front of my computer typing, clickety, click, tap, tap.
I remember the days when I would be on holiday now for a fortnight. Oh the generous holiday allowance when you teach. Would I go back to it? Not on your life. You know how I like to moan. Mostly I spend the days producing art and enjoying myself.
For those of you wondering if I have actually managed to remember my cheque book I can answer 'yes'. Just before I dozed off last night I sat bolt upright and thought 'Do it now, before you forget'. I did it and now all I have to do is remember to hand it in.
Elephantine is a good word and it is one which I wish I could apply to my memory but I forget what it means. Just kidding. Now you know what it means too.


\ˌe-lə-ˈfan-ˌtēn, -ˌtīn, ˈe-lə-fən-\

Definition of ELEPHANTINE

a : having enormous size or strength : massiveb : clumsyponderous <elephantine verse>
: of or relating to an elephant


  1. He has an elephantine ego.
  2. <the wedding reception was held under an elephantinetent on the great lawn

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Why I Should Really Use My Diary

First things first. I apologise. I made the date of the charity auction on the date of one of my best friends weddings. So that has got to change. Logically I'm going to put it back by one week. It will be on Saturday 21st May instead. I'm sorry if any of you have put it in your diary but I did't consult the Oracle that is Maxine. I'm just glad I haven't sent the poster to the printers yet. Phew!
I will amend everything accordingly and again I apologise for any inconvenience. Happy Sunday everybody!

Walking Back To Happiness

My Unfinished Drawing
The good news is that I am less grumpy old woman today and more just old woman. That, I think I can live with. I am forever chasing the angles. I have to get more people into the gallery, I'm thinking that I could frog march people up the road and push them through the door and then lock them in until they agree to buy something. What do you think?
I'm thinking that I might just offer free alcohol, I think that would be an absolute winner in Swanage.
What I really need is to get people to attend the Andrew Piesleys artist talk next Saturday. There will be free alcohol and nibbles. So if you feel the need for a bit of culture in your life you should come along and enjoy a glass of wine with your culture and maybe learn a thing or two about what makes an artist tick. Their obsessions, inspirations and what motivates them to produce the work that they do.
I have spent the morning monoprinting and have produced maybe one that I actually like. It is hard work being an artist. You're never bloomin' happy with what you produce.
The sun has been returned you'll all be pleased to know. I think it is a little shy and has taken to hiding it's light under a cloud. But I hope that it will soon decide to be more brazen and just be out fullstop.
I'm actually beginning to wonder how many times I can forget my cheque book. It has been five days so far. I am aiming to set some kind of record. I have promised faithfully to join the Swanage Chamber of Commerce and all I need to do is submit my cheque for a mere £25 which I cannot seem to do. What a hopeless case.
I have to tell you this before I go. In a bid to encourage people through the door I have left it open. Taking away the barrier to entry. So can you guess what is happening now? I can't quite believe it! People are standing in the door way pointing at the pictures that they think are interesting. I ask you how much more can I actually do.
I am going to have some kind of promotion. Any ideas gratefully received.
Have a great weekend. see you back here on Monday.

Friday, 15 April 2011

This Town (aaaah, aaaah), Is Coming Like A Ghost Town

So here it is. I think that I am happy with it. It is based on a Japanese woodcut but it is actually a drawing. Please try and come if you are around, there will be wine and canapes. I am hoping that the date will stay the same but there is some serious organizing to do before then.
 I am feeling a little deflated today as Swanage is a ghost town and I was hoping that there would be loads of people visiting as it is technically the Easter holidays.
I wish that you could add music to your blog as all the ones that I have written that are titled with lyrics of songs could really brighten up your day. And mine!
Although I have to wonder how Christ's death is a moveable feast whilst his birth is December 25th every single year. Even though I am educated enough to know that Christmas Day is in fact a pagan feast that we have made into a religious event. Or just a materialistic debt ridden affair where what you get is more important than the reason you are getting it.
Wow, I really am turning into a grumpy old woman. I only half mean it, but it does make you think. Can you imagine if all holidays were as flexible. I personally think bank holiday Wednesday could be a good idea. We could have additional holidays too. We could celebrate Happy Half A Year Day in June, it could be preceded by Happy Half Year Day Eve. Big summer parties would be great as opposed to freezing ones at New Year.
We could also have Conception Day it could be a pre birthday celebration at any point during the month you were conceived.
I am sure that I could find many more things we could celebrate if I could be bothered.
I have a personal request to add to my blog. Could whoever stole the sun please return it to the sky? I think it was a little irresponsible to think that no-one would notice. We all have and now we are more than ready for its return. Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation.
I haven't been able to find a pencil the same shade of blue to finish my drawing. I'm very disappointed about that.
There will be a talk by the artist Andrew Piesley about his work on Saturday 23rd April from 6.00 - 7.00 there will be drinks served and it promises to be a good evening. So please come along it would be great to see you.
Have a great Friday night!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

I've Started Something and Now I'm Not Too Sure

The crucial piece of equipment when doing a pencil drawing, other than the paper is the pencil! Right? Well today I decided to embark on a drawing outside of my sketchbook and on A3 paper. For those of you that know me what I am talking about here momentous as I invariably draw on A6 paper and can fit more than one image on a page. So I settle down to start, I decided that for this image I would use a prussian blue pencil as I am trying to wean myself off black and white. Imagine my horror when the first time I sharpen the pencil the lead breaks. Times that by twenty and all I have is a half finished drawing with an inch of pencil left. I say half more like a third. RUBBISH!

What are the chances of finding the exact same coloured pencil? Slimmer than a menu at a party planned by an anorexic. No offense meant.
I've had my rant and now it is time to fill you in the gallery developments. I have had some more work submitted for the Japan auction. Thanks for that and also some beautiful monoprints for the Abstract show.
I designed the poster this morning and I am just going to let it sit until tomorrow just to make sure I actually like it. I will be posting it on my blog if it passes muster.

The window smudgers have been out today in all their greasy glory. I have found myself wishing for a superhero power that would allow me to inflict some kind of gentle pain on them. Small electric shocks for any part of their anatomy that comes into contact with the glass, would be a start.
What is so scary about a closed door? Just open it step through and Hey Presto you're looking at the pictures without the hindrance of glass in the way. What could be easier? Apparently, leaving smudges on my nice clean windows!
I enjoyed my day off in Lyme Regis yesterday and was saddened to see at least four galleries had closed down. What a shame. This recession is a total pain in the art. I remember as a lecturer trying to persuade parents that there is a future in art as a career. My argument was that without artists/designers we'd still be living in caves wearing animal furs without any of the cave paintings. It is important that people recognize that art has a crucial role to play in our every day existence.
I feel that I have the Queen of the soapbox today, so I am going to get down and not rant and rave anymore.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Answer My Friend Is Blowing In The Wind!

Why is it that when the sun shines you end up seeing all the grimy, dirty things that you didn't notice in the gloom of winter? Before you all rush to answer because it's bright and things show up more......I mean why do I have to notice it? Whilst I like to indulge my OCD tendencies there are times when lethargy becomes me. Today is one of those days. But I had to fight it and spent the best part of this morning on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor.
I must tell you about my obscene phone call. For those of you who are my friends on Facebook I apologize for the repetition.
A guy called here at about 3.50 yesterday afternoon and asked if he could hire a bike. I dutifully explained that Bikeabout had ceased trading. He followed up his initial request with 'he would settle for  (I'm trying to think how to put this without being too offensive) oral relief? Needless to say I hung up. The bare faced cheek of the man. You can't exactly ride round the Purbeck countryside on a b.j. If you know how this could be achieved, feel free to let me know, so that if he rings again I can advise him accordingly.

I have some more takers for the Abstract show so if you are even sort of thinking about entering a piece now is the time as when the space is gone it is gone.
I would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to come to the gallery to see the current show. Take advantage of the weather and take in some very interesting art at the same time. It would be lovely to see you.
I should let you know that my opening times are changing as of today. I will be open from 11.00 - 5.00.

Day off tomorrow so I'm hoping that the lousy weather forecast is spectacularly wrong and the sun does indeed shine.

Monday, 11 April 2011

The Devil Is Alive and Well and Hiding In My Computer!

Battle of Stanpit Marsh - Andrew Piesley
In an attempt to remember everything I am going to write this without editing out the spelling as I go along. The first thing I'm sure you all want to know is how the Private View went. It was good I would have preferred a few more people but you can only tell people it's on, you can't make them drink. Or is that horses? Well, to make up for it there have been a fair few people through the door. Some nice feedback and quite a few conversations about the content of the work. Let's hope now that a few people come in and buy some paintings.
My website has been updated, you can check it out www.lartishe.co.uk
I want to get some more stuff on there but I need to earn a few more pennies before that happens. I would like to thank Neil @ ambrosefox.com for all his hard work.
I am a little disgruntled at the fact that this is the second time that I am writing this bit of my blog. I had actually finished writing it when the Internet Devil shoved his three pronged fork into my network and tangled all connections causing my blog not to auto save as it went along.
Now I am going to struggle to remember what I wrote. All that I can remember is that it was witty, concise and very well observed. No, that is not true, it wasn't. It was probably inane, dull and flabby. I am sat here trying to fight the urge to make some comment about knowing people like that, or that's a bit like me. Apparently, I'm no good at fighting my urges.
Breaking news, hot off the proverbial press I have enough artwork to set a date for the Charity Auction. I intend to focus all my energies on doing that tomorrow and then the publicity for it.
In other news, I have produced four drawings today and one of them was of something other than a bird skulls. Yes, you read it right. I just hope the person I did it for likes it.
I'm bored of typing now as I have been doing it for 27 years without a break. Well 27 minutes would be closer to the mark but it's all relative.
Same time, same place tomorrow if you're up for it!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

My Blog Was..........

Ok so you might be wondering where I have been. Nowhere is the quick answer. But the worldwide web has been doing it's absolute best to stop me from posting my blog. The treachery and connivery! But now I am hoping that I can do it more successfully today.
Facebook wouldn't let me post it via my homepage it has banned me saying that I had written something abusive. Not bloomin' likely. I like to keep it clean so as not to offend anybody. We'll see if it works today.
It has been without a doubt two very busy days and hanging an exhibition is hard work. It is really important to make it all work together. Which is SO hard!
It is now up and completely  ready to go. I am just at home getting ready to be back at the gallery for 4.00.
I feel that with my inability to post a blog there's so many humorous things that have happened that I have now forgotten. Oh well.
Yesterday I think I broke some kind of record for hanging a picture. It took me nearly 45 minutes to hang and A3 drawing. There's a good reason that I don't hang work in the studio and that's because the walls are all useless. You drill a hole and before you know it a family of three could take up residence in the crater that you have unintentionally created. You hammer a nail in and after two hits it bends south and is rendered useless.
I kid you not. It was the most painful thing I've done in ages. Other than triple hanging images. That was on a pain scale of 1 to 10 a very well earned 9.5.
Well the Private View is in 3 hours so I best get dressed and down the gallery.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

No Change There Then!

As it's now 8.05 pm you should have an idea of just how busy I've been today. I have hung the new Andrew Piesley exhibition 'To Begin Yet Again'. Which starts on Saturday at 6.30, if you're in the neighbourhood please do come and join us.
It was a day of sweating and swearing as multiple hangs are so difficult.That,and the fact it was actually really hot today 21 degrees. Lovely! Unless the pictures are all exactly the same size. Even then that doesn't necessary equal plain sailing. A very big thank you to my friend Lisa for skiving off work to help me. I actually know that her reward will be in Devon and Cornwall.
I am writing this on my new iPad and I have to say it's lovely as it does it's own corrections as I type and capitalises all my I's. Genius. But I am yet to work out how to put a picture in so it may well be an image free blog. I tried and I failed so now I give up. Back again tomorrow.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

She Came, I Taught, She Conquered!

First class today, I was a bit nervous as I haven't taught in a while. It went well, I think, let's hope that she thought so too.
I have officially lost my workshop cherry. It felt good. I am hoping that I can get a recommendation from her to put on my website.
I have not produced a drawing since Friday so I am actually suffering from withdrawal symptoms.
I've found these cool pictures that are x-rays of birds. I am trying to think about to replicate the style in a drawing. I think there's some experimentation necessary.

I like the subtlety of line and the way the feathers have only partially shown up on the x ray.  

I would like to thank Do Michell for bringing the promised pieces for the charity auction.
There are a few more of you who have promised me work, I would be grateful if I could have it very soon.

There are days when words flow from my fingertips like water from a tap and there are days like today. It is more like extracting teeth without anesthetic with oversized pliers. I usually dash my blog off in about twenty minutes. I'm thirty minutes and counting.
Literary constipation is definitely what I am suffering from today. Not to mention the most horrendous amount of spelling mistakes which you are lucky that I am editing out.
Enough already, may the next blog get back to normal. Day off tomorrow, I am going to go and collect the work from Andrew for his exhibition this weekend.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Title, What Title, look At That Bird!

Today I will be mostly having the attention span of one the above creatures. For those of you those of you that are scratching your head and wondering what is this particular insect. You may well have just been bitten by one. No, it's not a flea it's a gnat.
I have been curiously productive but I'm pretty convinced  that it has way more to do with luck than good management.
I had a great time in Brighton. It went all too quickly but I'm wondering if my weekend away may have something to do with my impaired attention. Anyone who reads this and was there will be laughing their heads off right about......now!
I'm gearing up for Andrew Piesleys exhibition at the weekend. I have prepared all the small canvasses so they are ready to be hung. I have plinths for sketchbooks and a folder and stand for unframed drawings. So now to arrange the collection of the massive 7ft picture which is proving troublesome. I will be shamelessly plugging this all week, so get used to it. The Private View is on Saturday evening between 6.30 and 8.30.

First class tomorrow, I have been getting myself organized for that too. It's funny having to plan a lesson again. That was so last year. It is just like riding a bike, I've only fallen off twice but my safety helmet is still firmly in place.
I have now got nearly enough work to set a date for my charity auction. As I have said before it is NEVER too late to donate. I hope that if you haven't that there is a really good reason for not doing so. It may have slipped from the front pages but that does not mean there is no need for us to do our bit.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Isn't It Typical

Ok in the history of the gallery I have only closed twice for legitimate reasons. To organize work for shows usually. My average week has not seen many people through the door as Swanage is not in it's high season.
So today when I have close early so that I can head to Brighton there have more people in the gallery than usual. I'm sure it is all done just to wind me up.
I have my first class booked for Tuesday so wish me luck. I am nervous and excited. It's been a while but I'm sure it'll be fine.
Anyway, must dash as I have a train to catch. See you back here on Monday.

Friday, 1 April 2011

That's Me In The Corner.....Wearing A Dunce Cap

How do you know when you should just go back home and get back into bed? Apparently it's when you get to work and realize you've forgotten your phone. At first you think it's fine as no-one really rings you anyway. But wasn't today the day that you were supposed to phone to confirm a meeting with a friend whose mobile number is as mysterious to me as my own. Suffice to say it has digits in it. Then as you unpack your bag you realize that not only have you forgotten your phone but you've forgotten your wallet. But you think that's ok because you had put all your loose change in your pocket and that should be enough to get something for lunch. But you forget that at the last minute you decided to put those jeans in the wash and put all that change on the side and are in fact wearing different jeans with no change in the pocket. Still that's ok because I cleverly remembered packing some food like thing in my bag in a passing moment of being organized. I bet you all want to know what I'm going to be eating for lunch. Blueberry and Vanilla WeightWatchers Oaty Biscuits. Washed down with black coffee as I needed to buy milk with my loose change.
So as I sit here waiting for all those people who wanted to come in to the gallery yesterday when it was shut but obviously have got far better things to do with their time today. I am rejoicing in the fact that I have in fact made an April Fool out of myself today. No additional help needed from any outside source.
I hope that you didn't get suckered today.
The gallery is only going to be open for the morning tomorrow as I have to go to Brighton in the afternoon.
Catch me if you can!