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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Help I Need Somebody, Not Just Anybody, I Need You

I have decided that I will focus my efforts in making sure that people attend my events. I'm also putting out a request. I need someone to host the auction that has a bit more comedy presence than me in a skirt. If you know someone or think you'd like to be involved let me know.
I know that I am going to be lumbered with job if no-one comes forward to help me out. I'll muddle through.
I am formally inviting you if you are able to get to Swanage, but I do need to know some ideas of numbers as I have to sort out the catering. If you'd like to attend leave me a comment
I have been very productive today as I have a case of the guilts as I have been enjoying the sun as opposed to being sat in the gallery.
I am going to be opening the gallery tomorrow as I am going to be closed on Friday. I wish I could tell you that it is because I am going to be glued to the gogglebox watching the nuptials of the man who would be king (eventually). But the truth is that I am going to spend the day in France buying unhealthy amounts of cheese and alcohol.
I'm sure that I will enjoy that far more.
There's been a few more people through the door today, thank goodness. The sun has departed so that makes me really happy that I managed to spend some time in it over the weekend.
See you back here soon.

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