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Saturday, 9 April 2011

My Blog Was..........

Ok so you might be wondering where I have been. Nowhere is the quick answer. But the worldwide web has been doing it's absolute best to stop me from posting my blog. The treachery and connivery! But now I am hoping that I can do it more successfully today.
Facebook wouldn't let me post it via my homepage it has banned me saying that I had written something abusive. Not bloomin' likely. I like to keep it clean so as not to offend anybody. We'll see if it works today.
It has been without a doubt two very busy days and hanging an exhibition is hard work. It is really important to make it all work together. Which is SO hard!
It is now up and completely  ready to go. I am just at home getting ready to be back at the gallery for 4.00.
I feel that with my inability to post a blog there's so many humorous things that have happened that I have now forgotten. Oh well.
Yesterday I think I broke some kind of record for hanging a picture. It took me nearly 45 minutes to hang and A3 drawing. There's a good reason that I don't hang work in the studio and that's because the walls are all useless. You drill a hole and before you know it a family of three could take up residence in the crater that you have unintentionally created. You hammer a nail in and after two hits it bends south and is rendered useless.
I kid you not. It was the most painful thing I've done in ages. Other than triple hanging images. That was on a pain scale of 1 to 10 a very well earned 9.5.
Well the Private View is in 3 hours so I best get dressed and down the gallery.

1 comment:

  1. Well, that's one thing of be'in a Gallery owner......All that hang'in around.
    Bet it's lovely in Swanage, all that flesh, lay'in about on the beach.....ooooops!
    I'm out on the patio, with a little Vino Calapso,
    can't be bothered with the Grand National....All that horse meat runn'in round in circles...!
    I backed a horse once....AND...It fell, in the paddock....! Oh! Well.....
    Ya all have a great weekend....
    Take Care...Be Good....Think Pink.....! :0).