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Thursday, 7 April 2011

No Change There Then!

As it's now 8.05 pm you should have an idea of just how busy I've been today. I have hung the new Andrew Piesley exhibition 'To Begin Yet Again'. Which starts on Saturday at 6.30, if you're in the neighbourhood please do come and join us.
It was a day of sweating and swearing as multiple hangs are so difficult.That,and the fact it was actually really hot today 21 degrees. Lovely! Unless the pictures are all exactly the same size. Even then that doesn't necessary equal plain sailing. A very big thank you to my friend Lisa for skiving off work to help me. I actually know that her reward will be in Devon and Cornwall.
I am writing this on my new iPad and I have to say it's lovely as it does it's own corrections as I type and capitalises all my I's. Genius. But I am yet to work out how to put a picture in so it may well be an image free blog. I tried and I failed so now I give up. Back again tomorrow.

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