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Friday, 1 April 2011

That's Me In The Corner.....Wearing A Dunce Cap

How do you know when you should just go back home and get back into bed? Apparently it's when you get to work and realize you've forgotten your phone. At first you think it's fine as no-one really rings you anyway. But wasn't today the day that you were supposed to phone to confirm a meeting with a friend whose mobile number is as mysterious to me as my own. Suffice to say it has digits in it. Then as you unpack your bag you realize that not only have you forgotten your phone but you've forgotten your wallet. But you think that's ok because you had put all your loose change in your pocket and that should be enough to get something for lunch. But you forget that at the last minute you decided to put those jeans in the wash and put all that change on the side and are in fact wearing different jeans with no change in the pocket. Still that's ok because I cleverly remembered packing some food like thing in my bag in a passing moment of being organized. I bet you all want to know what I'm going to be eating for lunch. Blueberry and Vanilla WeightWatchers Oaty Biscuits. Washed down with black coffee as I needed to buy milk with my loose change.
So as I sit here waiting for all those people who wanted to come in to the gallery yesterday when it was shut but obviously have got far better things to do with their time today. I am rejoicing in the fact that I have in fact made an April Fool out of myself today. No additional help needed from any outside source.
I hope that you didn't get suckered today.
The gallery is only going to be open for the morning tomorrow as I have to go to Brighton in the afternoon.
Catch me if you can!

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