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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Peaks and Troughs

Tis the season to be busy. Well the students came for a week and now they have gone and they were very good house guests. I hope to see great things from them in their final exhibition in June.
It was an in between day as the show was taken down whilst I was putting a new one up. I have got a temporary show up with a mixture of old and new work. A gap filler before Andrew Piesleys' show next weekend.
I called this blog Peaks and Troughs because that's how it has been today. Lots of things going on combined very nicely with absolutely nothing. The weird thing is I was shut as I obviously could not open with a gallery full of plinths and the amount of people who wanted to come in was crazy. Much busier than usual.
Let's hope that it continues when I am actually open. 
Not much to report on the gallery front other than another fantastic donation for charity auction was given to me today. Thanks Felicity.

If there are any artists out there looking for somewhere to unleash their creativity please look at the image for today. These guys are part of an exciting new group that have set up some artists studio spaces in Bournemouth. If you are interested give them a call.
Coming back tomorrow.....

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