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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I've Never Met A Bed That I Didn't Like!

Pleased to Meet You

Lethargy, I think that's a good word don't you? Well I woke up this morning and the sun was peeping through the corner of the curtain. I would usually jump out of bed and start the day with a spring in my step. Not today. I had one of those 'just five more minutes' mornings. You all know exactly what I mean. Those days when your duvet feels like your second skin and your bed is the only place to be. You are able to fall back to sleep at will with no struggle at all. Well that was me.
I managed to squeeze in two coffees and a biscuit before hotfooting it to the gallery.
The window smudgers were all out in their greasy fingered glory today. As well as the muck from the endless traffic that passes by there's hair grease, hand grease, nose grease and multiple finger smears. I have the joy of removing far too regularly I might add.
I am now trying to remember if there have been any visitors at all today. They were not memorable if there were any.
I made my paper today and I think it's come out ok. I haven't made any for about twenty years. It's funny how it just came back to me. It's a wet business and having your hands immersed in cold sludgy pulp definitely flicks the wee switch on fairly regularly, I am sure you were all dying to know that! Not!!
I'm off to London early doors tomorrow. I am going to the Natural History Museum to spend the day drawing dead stuff. I am really looking forward to it.
A very busy day off for me.

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