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Friday, 25 March 2011

You Can Call Me Mrs Sheen.....No I'm Not married To Charlie!

Other people get excited about the possibility of getting something new, as do I. But something that also floats my boat is new cleaning products. If it says smear free, fresh fragrance or environmentally friendly I'm all over it like a rash. So you can imagine my joy when I get to put up a new show.
A new exhibition means plenty of opportunities to clean. You all know how I love to clean. Does it really do what it says on the label? The answer is yes and the gallery is like a shiny new pin.
I had a few hairy moments when I had to leave terra firma to clean and play with the lighting. Just a few minor palpitations later and it was all achieved without incident.
I have to say it looks great. I'll get some pictures up later. I'm excited to have my second show underway. There is always a nervous anticipation about how it will look and whether or not it will all work together and my mind is now at rest.
The Private View starts at 6.30 this evening and I am hoping that it will be well attended and well received. I have my eye on several of the exhibitors work with a view to showing work from them in the future.
I must also tell you all if you want to purchase an original piece of art at a reasonable price you should make it your absolute mission to come and see this show. You can reward your efforts with something beautiful for your home and have fish and chips for tea.

I have to say some thank yous' to the people who have already donated work for the Japan Charity Auction. The very talented photographer Milo Newman sent me a beautiful photograph, Michael Silvester has given me a gorgeous print and Wendy Wharam has donated six fantastic drawings.
To the others that have promised work, I am eagerly anticipating its arrival.
Well that's all I have got to say about today as this evening is the bit you will all want to read about I'm sure. Make sure you read tomorrow for a sneaky peek at the work.

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