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Monday, 28 February 2011

Dog Owners Of Swanage Take Heed!

Now these brown packages I can deal with!

If you are a dog owner and you live in Swanage I really hope you scoop the poop and you bag it and bin it. I had to virtually do poop scotch on my walk to the gallery. I am a big dog lover but their little brown packages piled up in stink are certainly not one of my favourite things. I have no idea why there are such ignorant people out there but they should be fined extortionate amounts of money. Sorry rant over but it is vile.

I had a dream...............but apparently there are people out there who want to give me total nightmares. To be honest I can't even be bothered to talk about them. Suffice to say they know who they are and I am going to ignore them from here on in.
When I arrived at the gallery I consulted my ever present list of things to do and for about ten minutes went about doing the choredom listed. I managed with fantastic style and finesse not to complete any of them. Obviously, this was not part of the plan. In fact it was so far from the plan it was a small island in the Pacific, Nofking Kloo. I am trying my hardest to sort out some more advertising but it would seem that my memory (forgetful) stick was at home and there endeth the tale. Could do precisely nothing without it.

Abstract Open exhibition is filling up I feel I am giving all artists due notice that when the space is gone it is gone. It's the exhibition to be in as it follows Purbeck Arts Week so the arty crowd will be in the region.

I spent the day painting today and it was nice to paint a canvas and not a wall. I'm not going to tell you what it is but I'm photographing it at each stage of development so you will get to see it eventually. I'm working with the students at the college tomorrow hearing their ideas for their show in March. It should make a welcome change.

Late blog due to rubbish broadband service!

Saturday, 26 February 2011


Reflection seems to be my mood for the day. I have been thinking how easy it could have been to not be a gallery owner. How fortunate I am that circumstances prevailed and pushed me to live the dream. I know that I moan about the lack of people through the door but really it's all good. I am my own boss and I'm a fairly reasonable one. Except for the inordinate amount of cleaning that I have to do.
I had a truly sh***y thing happen this morning, I arrived at the gallery to find a letter from a magazine that I have spent my whole advertising budget with telling me they'd gone bust. I'm £400 lighter and no money to rethink/redo advertising. This is major arse. I will however, in my eternal optimist head space try and find a creative solution to this annoying occurrence.
The gallery has been pretty busy all day and people have started to collect the work that they bought at the opening. I have had lots of friend visitors too which is always nice especially when it's people that you haven't seen in a while.
I have been drawing and drawing and it is amazing how addictive it can become. I'm experimenting with my drawing styles as I am predisposed to drawing everything very accurately and this is not necessarily what I want to project.
I'm going to enjoy my day off tomorrow, I'm going to fill it with roast dinner and a well deserved glass of wine or two. Oh yeah and the sunday papers, I am an absolute glutton for chewing(metaphorically speaking) my way through the mass of paper that is the weekend papers.
I hope that whatever you are doing this weekend that it is loads and loads of fun but spare a thought for those who are having possibly the worst weekend of their lives so far.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Lost For Words........

Not a day for frivolity. John Jesse Jones has been found and unfortunately it is not a happy ending. Living in a small town means that you are connected to people who know other people and their lives end up indirectly touching yours. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this very sad time.

There isn't much to report as it has been quiet at the gallery, I have had some friends visit which is always nice. I have drawn more in the last week than I have in ages. I'm really enjoying it. A bit deflated so I'm going to keep this short.

Artists get your bums in gear you need to let me know if you want to exhibit in the Abstract Open Exhibition.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Sun Always Shines On TV

The sun shines when I work and when I play the sun goes into hiding and rain prevails. I thought that only happened at weekends when I used to get them off. Another glorious day and the optimism of Spring is in the air. I am, as always hoping that with the sun, will come visitors to the gallery. I was half right as there were more people today that yesterday.
I need the kind of people to walk through the door with deep pockets and an exceptional taste in art. I'm afraid the deep pockets trip them up long before they get to my door and they empty their pockets else where.
As a glass half full kind of person I am just biding my time as I know that with patience comes great rewards. When Patience gets here I let her know we are all waiting.
I designed a poster for a forthcoming exhibition today. I'm going to show you but I have updated the final draft with the correct dimensions. If you are in Swanage come and have a look I know you'll be impressed. The work we have selected should blow you away.
Spent the rest of the day drawing so that way great. More of the same tomorrow before I embark on a painting next week.

Just because I know a lot of people from all over read this, there's local lad missing in Swanage his name is Jesse John Jones he is 24 and has been missing since Saturday. If you know anything or have heard anything please phone 01202 222 222. Do your bit if you can.

Hope you had a good day and another one to follow tomorrow!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Busy Doing Nothing!

It's been a long time since I spent the day thinking about drawing and considering it was my day off. I think my creative fire is well and truly lit. Can't wait to go to the gallery and do some more drawing and painting. I was hoping to see some art today but I think I was looking in all the wrong places. I'm sure it was there but it wasn't obvious.
I had to satisfy myself by just taking in the scenery and enjoying the persistent drizzle. I now have five takers for the Abstract show in June. It will be just after Purbeck Arts Week so there will be a good arty vibe already in place.
I would welcome some printmakers and painters so if you are one, you know one or you live next door to one let them know about the Abstract Open Exhibition at L'Artishe Gallery.
I have a feeling that Saturday is going to be full on hectic as it would seem that quite a few people are descending on Swanage and the gallery at the weekend.
I hope that they like what they see.
I'm trying to think about what I can do for Comic Relief as I want to do something at the gallery. If you can think of something that I can do let me know.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Boredom Is Not An Option

I wish I had the dog for company
I am beginning to remind myself of a custodian at a museum. I sit here straight faced and straight laced with a knowing silence and a vigilant eye. The silence bit isn't actually accurate as I am often talking to myself whilst doing some job or another. I am so used to talking to myself that I have found out to my horror that it doesn't stop when I am in the presence of other people. Why am I such a weirdo? Years of practice I guess.
I would love to be able to charge window lookers. They get to look at great art without the commitment of ever stepping over the threshold. There's a word for people like that but I'm far too polite to write in my blog.
Another fairly uneventful day at the office/gallery. I have been drawing obsessively (a duck skull) playing with as many different mediums as possible. I intend to fill a sketchbook with drawings of skulls.
Matt has hooked me up with the Skull Man, he is a groundsman and has access to many deceased things apparently. I can't wait to see his wares.
I have also been watching some very highbrow programmes that are on BBC 3. The Beauty of Books is well worth a look if you are a bibliophile like myself.  Then Romancing the Stone, the history of british sculpture. Very entertaining if you like art programmes.
Well, how quickly it is Wednesday. My day off looms. I intend to flee Swanage and visit somewhere else. I hope that I can go and nose around some other galleries and steal any of their good ideas.
To blog or not to blog? Will be the question of the day tomorrow.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Look, Luke, Buy!

The half term beginneth(sic) and thoughts of a busy Swanage are on every business owners mind. So there are a lot of busy heads with less than busy businesses. I am one of those very lucky individuals. It's hard being on the receiving end of half term. I am usually swanning around in a cloud of self satisfied, self indulgence. Not anymore, the new me has to door watch and send silent prayers to the patron saint of galleries St Look of Thenby. Actually, the patron saint of artists is actually St Luke so there you go.
I have spent the morning designing a poster for a forthcoming exhibition. It looks ok but I am going to look at it again tomorrow to see if I still like it.
I spent a very lovely Sunday afternoon with Andrew Piesely. We went through the majority of his work and have narrowed it down to the pieces that we intend to show. I'm very excited as there are some really stunning pieces of work that I would happily have in my home so let's hope the visitors to the gallery feel the same.
I have been putting off getting started with my creative pursuit for the day as I am trying to keep my business head on so that tomorrow can be totally free for art.
I've had three takers for the Abstract exhibition so far I hope that by the end of the week to have quadrupled that amount. remember there's only hanging space for about 20 paintings. I hope to hear from some more of you soon.
It would seem that a boot full of paintings is portentous. Last time I spent an hour  in torrential rain trying to persuade a wayward horse to go back to the field from whence he came. Today, a man was knocked of his bike and injured and I had to stop to make sure he was ok or if I could help in anyway. He wasn't and I couldn't but luckily there were people that could. I really hope that he is ok and that the ambulance arrived before too long.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

It's Never Too Late To Create!

I want to let you all know about the exhibition I intend to put on in June. I know that I mentioned it briefly yesterday in the Blog but as only six people actually read it I thought I'd put it in a again today. 
I have been spoilt with visitors to the gallery today I've actually got into double figures. Some lovely feedback so I'm back to feeling good about the gallery.
Murray has now finished photographing the current exhibition so as soon as he's tweaked the pictures I will upload them for you all to see.
Have a great weekend and be creative.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Open Exhibition - ABSTRACT

I don't know whether this picture does the drawing any justice whatsoever but I just wanted to show you what I have been up to for the past two days. It is A3 size and all drawn in pencil. It is the design for my big collection piece and there are no prizes for guessing what it's about. I am now starting to get my whole creative vibe back and have done something creative every day this week. I have an idea that I am going to produce some animated drawings for my exhibition.
If I was high on my own supply yesterday (leccy bill) today I am living the reality of what goes up must come down. As much as I am enjoying being creative I really would like a few more people through the door. I am hoping that imminent half term will bring a lot more people through the door.
As I am yet to fill the gallery in June I am going to have an Open Exhibition called Abstract. So if any of you talented people out there want to submit a piece of work or two there will be a nominal hanging fee (£3.00 per piece), but submit any digital images to info@lartishe.co.uk. There will be a Private View and all the usual trimmings that befit an exhibition.
I hope to hear from some of you soon.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Who Would Have Thought Receiving A Bill Could Make Me Happy?

I'm sure that you are all dying to know about my ongoing electricity bill saga? Aren't you? I know you lie awake thinking 'when is she going to give us an update?'. Don't deny it you are genuinely interested! How a bill for £599 can be incurred in just two short months? Well, the wait is over you can all go to bed safe in the knowledge that I received my revised bill this morning. Far from causing a stroke or a heart attack it made me smile. It has just dawned on me that there could well have been some reverse psychology going on. Firstly, they send you a bill that is so way beyond stupid that you may as well close up shop and become a road sweeper. That is after you have fully recovered from the stroke/heart attack. Secondly, they make you take part in a series of inane conversations which all end with the sentence 'you should just pay it and if it's wrong we will reimburse you'. Thirdly, make you wait an inordinate amount of time dreading receiving mail of any description incase it makes you fill your pants with fear (or something far smellier) of owing more than £599. Fourthly, send you a bill for £73.06 for three months worth of electricity that makes you the kind of happy that makes you want to kiss strangers. If this is their four prong approach, I applaud their ingenuity but would caution them against doing this to the elderly or in fact anyone with a heart that can have an attack.
Gallery news is thin on the ground as there have been very few people through the door again. But I have used my time wisely. Watching 4OD. You should totally check out The Big C it's brilliant, a bit dark but brilliant.
I have actually been working on my first proper drawing that I've done in quite some time. Using a pencil and everything, you've gotta love the old school.
I really want to be teaching people how to do stuff and I am dying to break my workshop virginity. So could someone please book in and let me take you on a wonderful, exciting creative journey that you will hopefully stay on way past finishing the workshop.
That's all I have to say other than...................

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

They Should Rename It Narrowband!

It would seem that my Broadband is like a fair weather friend. I am now fully operational at home and at the gallery it is erratic. I willingly admit that BT has been the reason for increased cursing both at home and at work. I despair at the thought of phoning India to speak to someone who makes promises they can't keep. I need the fortification of strong liquor to even contemplate doing it, for what will seem like the millionth time.
I have had a productive day and I am happy to say that I have finally printed my drypoint. It looks good but is drying so you'll have to wait to see it.
I've also been doing some painting and have now started to formalize my ideas for my big collection piece.
The gallery has been as lively today as a recently deceased animal. The rain is probably encouraging everybody to stay in doors. I cannot say I blame them.
I am hoping that tomorrow brings better weather as it is my day off and I have a garden that is badly in need of some attention, following a winter of neglect. I have a forlorn Christmas Tree that is being blown round the garden by gusts of winter wind. Not to mention the horror of long since dead plants in pots all glaring at me with accusatory wilted looks. I know I will not be alone in wishing there were some Elves that would magically put my garden back on the right track without me having to lift a finger. Sorry folks, dream on.
I am searching the internet for glass eyes at the moment as I have an eyedea (sic) that I want a jar of them in my collection piece. I am totally embracing my inner freak with this project but I hope that when you see the finished thing that you will see that it has been tastefully put together.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Monday Everybody!

First things first I would like to wish you all a very Happy Monday! I know the date but I also know that I would prefer everyone I know to be happy rather than in love. If you're happy and in love well done you! I have spent a day producing the most detailed drypoints that I have done in the the last fifteen years. The good thing is that I can do this whilst semi watching a film. So I watched Team America because people have been telling me for years that I would enjoy it. They were right I kinda (sic) did, in as much as it was ridiculous and absolutely ripped it out of the whole W.M.D thing. Bubble gum movie but we all know that over chewed bubble gum starts to disintegrate, enough said.
Then I re watched an old favourite Seven it's got some great bits that I love as an artist. There are the collections of things which I love and the endless notebooks. I am hoping to in a far less dark way to replicate the idea of collection. I am a bit preoccupied with this theme at the moment, so much so that I am thinking that I may actually start writing another blog that deals with the whole subject of obsessive collecting. So if that's something that floats your boat? We should talk.
Gallery news is a bit thin on the ground as it was quiet again today. Some lovely visitors though and I enjoyed talking to them.
Murray my In House photographer came to the gallery today and he started to document the first ever show for me. I'm excited as it will give me a chance to give you a proper feel of what the exhibition is like.
I am actually going to be printing tomorrow as I've been putting it off for the last four days but I have finished my epic drypoint.
Hope all you lovers out there have a fantastic evening.
Speak to you tomorrow!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

You Could Have Heard A Paintbrush On A Canvas!

That's Who I Opened For Today

I woke with the optimism of Summer as the sun peeked through my curtains. Today was a day when anything was possible. My head was clear as my Yellow Pages oath stood the test of time and I managed to avoid the imbibing of alcohol (more or less) actually just less. I thought of all the things I would achieve today whilst I drank my coffee. I thought the gallery would be busy as anything as the sun was out. Just not true I'm afraid. I've had one serious looker, some acquaintances, a token weirdo and various friends. I anticipated it would be busy so I dressed smart and thought I'd print on Monday. You all know what they say about about the best laid plans..............
I've used my time wisely(ish) I watched 500 Days of Summer it was a good film. I've produced some drawings for my current project.
I've sent no emails and answered no phone calls. The highlight of the day has been a cherry danish pastry that was bought in by a very good friend. Yum!
So I don't feel the need to waste anymore of your time. Switch off your computer and go and do something more fun instead. I guess it depends what you look at on them doesn't it? I'm a StumbleUpon addict, if you've never heard of it do yourself a favour and check it out. But don't blame me if friends and family start calling you nerdy because you spend even more time in front of your computer. On your own heads be it
Happy Weekend to you all!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Get Fresh @ The Weekend!!

That's What's On Offer Today!
Well rested is how I am today. What a difference a decent nights sleep makes. No daytime horrors, a cheery disposition to all visitors, and increased productivity. That can't be bad.
I would love to tell you stories of how overrun I've been with so many visitors today that I've hardly had time to sit down. But as I am not in the habit of telling out and out lies on my blog the truth is it's been something a prostate sufferer dreams of 'a steady flow'.
I've had a work shuffle in the gallery to keep it fresh. To try entice all those glass smearers(sic) in. It looks good I think. It seems to have given some of the pieces a new lease of life. It was definitely worth the effort.
I am thinking of doing some printing this afternoon but I have to say that I'm not really feeling it. Sometimes, it is easier not to start something when your hearts not in it. As the techniques are quite involved and require quite a big set up I think I'll finish my dull choredom today and devote the whole day to it tomorrow.
Keeping it short as there is little to report! Have a great weekend whatever you are all up to.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now! (Not Really)

Last night I went for the sensible option of lying awake until gone 2.00 am thinking about the most random of things. Today, I am particularly loving the fact that I did that. I'm thinking that the weather reflects how I feel, a bit grim.
I had the pleasure of meeting Willie today, he's a regular reader and has been sharing great emails with me with pictures of lots of cute cats etc. I'm a big fan of cats. He also was the first to donate some art for the Charity Auction. Thanks Willie. I'm going to upcycle one of the pictures to create a Sharon James original. So watch this space it should make you giggle.
A quiet day at the farm (gallery) I'm not surprised really as it is wet and miserable and that's just me inside!
Lisa is here today merrily making more collagraphs and drypoints and getting excited about printing them. I've cut my fourth collagraph bird skull, looking forward to printing them.
We have added ten more lights in the gallery as I've had a few comments about it not being bright enough so I have now remedied the situation and it is much brighter.
Can you believe that it is Friday tomorrow? I know I can't. I've sworn an oath on the Yellow Pages that there will be no repeat performance of last Fridays shenanigans. Home in bed at sensible o'clock without a drop of alcohol passing my lips. I'm a business owner now, none of this staying up late phoning in sick malarky for me.
I suggest that if you are fortunate enough to not be at work today it should be a Duvet Day where junk food should be consumed whilst watching cheesy films.
I'm not jealous much!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Dear oh Deer!

Not much to report on the gallery front as it was my day off. That does not mean that it was not eventful as I managed to pack an awful lot in. For my regular readers you'll know I was trying to chore dodge today, but you will also know that I have OCD cleaning tendencies so I was seduced by the hoover, the washing machine and the antibac' wipes for a few hours this morning. I managed to escape and actually have some fun.
I went bone collecting today, I am disconcertingly interested in the inner workings of previously living things. I spotted a deer skeleton a couple of weeks ago and was determined to get the skull and so I had a collecting mission and got the skull and two hundred yards down the road I found an antler, I thank nature for the beautiful bounty.
Straight from there to the skate park and went on a skateboard for the first time in 28 years, it was great and I did not fall off once but I now want a long board. Maybe that's will what I'll ask for, for my 41st birthday.
A quick haircut then went to a Private View of Elisabeth Frink, it was great. She produced some truly great art. I bumped into several people that I know so it was also nice to catch up with them.
Printing all day tomorrow so looking forward to that.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


It was a day, just like any other day. The sky was moody and the drizzle intermittent. My windows were sporting the face grease of several curious but shy members of the public. A few more flowers had given up the ghost and were removed from the vase. There were no messages on the answer machine. It was a day that you have in fact read about already until...........................................................................................

I sold a painting!!!

I was going to write a second blog yesterday but I ended up being so busy I didn't have time. It's my first post opening sale so I am very excited. Thanks to Eric and Jenny for their exquisite taste in art. There were two other bits of good news. I have now hired out the gallery for July and August I now only have June to fill. I am debating whether to have my own show then. Let's see what the next few weeks bring before I sign on the dotted line.
Today was a busy one and I wish I had had the presence of mind to take a picture or two whilst I was at the gallery. My mind was not present unfortunately. I had the pleasure of meeting the very talented Rosemary Martin this morning. Her work is beautiful, abstract and ephemeral. I have already earmarked the piece that I would like to own. Fortunately for all you potential visitors to my gallery I can't afford it and I'll just have to make the most of looking at it every day until some extremely lucky person buys it. (I hope).
Busy day, after Rosemary left I had 14 second year degree students descend on me. I am going to host their show. It is part of their course work but I have to say I am excited as the work that will be on show includes glass, jewellery and ceramics a real multi media affair. It will only be on for a week but I definitely recommend a visit as these guys are working at the cutting edge of the media they are specialising in. It will be at the end of March during the last week.
I totally want to support and encourage all young artists and hope you will too by coming to see their show.
Are you a joiner of things? I have to say that I am not really. I try and avoid anything that might entail attending meetings. I have a complete aversion to meetings. For that, the blame lies firmly at the feet of my last employer. Years of frustration at having to attend cyclic staff meetings. Everything went round in circles and nothing was ever resolved. Ever!!! I am going to become a joiner of things as there are two local groups that I think would benefit my business in a positive way and when I have paid my dues so to speak I'll tell you their names.
Day off tomorrow, already fully booked up. Going skating, getting my hair cut and attending a Private View. Avoiding all household chores.

Monday, 7 February 2011

My Door Is Always Open

The Door Of Opportunity, Please Enter
It is a well known fact that people seldom do what they say they are going to do. This has been my experience and I'm sure that there are those of you nodding you heads in agreement. I, however endeavor  to be a woman of my word. If I say that I will be somewhere, do something or commit to anything, it will take an extreme circumstance beyond my control to prevent me from staying true to my word. Now that's out of the way, it was a sideways rant.
I have been at the gallery doing my choredom and tidying. No matter how much I tidy there always seems to be something that needs to be done. I have had five people through the door since 10 am. There was a mere sniff of a sale but I couldn't seal the deal. I did my best but I never want to be that pushy as I know how much I hate it when it happens to me.
If 'a watched pot never boils' then I think a new adage for me will be 'a watched door never opens'. I am adopting a new policy I'm not even going to look at it anymore. I shall; continue to busy myself with my work and various admin chores that need to be done.
I have an artist coming to see me tomorrow and I'm quite excited because her work is very interesting. I think it's actually going to be quite busy here tomorrow so I'm looking forward to that.
I am going to put the call out again for artists to donate a small piece of work for  a Charity Auction. I have had exactly 0 responses and I know how many creative people read this blog. If you are interested email me at info@lartishe.co.uk
Come on, think of all the good your donation could do both locally and nationally. It will be a great event with wine, women and song, well just wine and song although I'm sure there will be women but just not that kind of women. Dig out that, painting, drawing, print or 3D piece and get it to the gallery. I will continue to prod you, the first donor will receive a bottle of wine. Ok? In this incentive driven climate I'm willing to offer a sweetener.
Hope to hear from anyone soon.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Saturday Is Hard When You've Overdone It on A Friday Night!

I am currently undergoing a slow and painful transition which I'm sure I told you all about last week. I can no longer let my hair down on a Friday night. I wish someone had reminded me of that last night. Working on a Saturday means that a sensible bedtime is crucial and Friday is now officially a school night. Without wanting to sound repetitive, I wish someone had reminded me of that last night.
Needless to say I spent the first few hours of today fully engaged with the act of self loathing and the word that kept spinning round my head was why?????????
I have to say considering my self induced rubbishness (sic) I have actually managed pretty well. I have been busy all day and have had a nice steady flow of visitors and some very interesting conversations.
I am pleased to announce that I have now secured an in house photographer Murray Lambert. He will do all of the gallery's publicity pictures, he will photographically document every exhibition and an additional service he will be offering is taking professional pictures of artists work for artists to use on websites or in a digital portfolio.
It is exciting to start getting new contacts and meeting such a lot of incredibly talented people. They just keep coming through the door.
I have to tell you that I think I broke some kind of record today. I spent nearly three hours writing a four line email. Admittedly, I was being interrupted fairly constantly but I started writing it in the morning and finished it in the afternoon.
Monday is shaping up to be a busy day I have quite a few people coming to see me and I am doing another CV makeover after hours.
I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend especially today, I'm not jealous much!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Gallery Visitors Are Like Buses.............

Another day, another dollar. I wish. I planned to get busy printing today and I can proudly report that's exactly what I did. It feels so good. I haven't spent two days printing in one week since I graduated. Like all people in full-time employment you grab an hour here and an hour there if you're lucky. You daydream about the halcyon days of Uni when you were able to be self absorbed, creative daily and drank like a fish. I assure you I am no different. But for me now I am living the dream and as I've said before it feels good. I've no money but plenty of time and only enjoy 'moderate' drinking so my student days are being relived with the acquired maturity of my age.
Lisa has had the benefit of two days of one to one tuition and I have to say that the prints she is producing are looking really good. I must admit that it is good to be partially wearing my teacher hat again. There is definitely teaching in my bones, when you spend fifteen years doing it, something has got to stick. The biggest difference is that I don't have to persuade anyone to do anything, no cajoling, no promises of ciggy breaks just the beautiful imparting of knowledge from one person to another. You already know how that feels right?
Matt popped in and fitted my door alarms so my gallery is officially alarmed at every opening. The important thing is now, that I remember that I have to disarm them as well.
I have two takers for the Printmaking day workshop just need two more and I can set a date. If you're deliberating about coming to one, STOP!! I promise you that it will be money well spent. I don't have much planned at the gallery tomorrow so I think that I'll just carry on with the new piece that I'm working on.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

I'm Late, I'm Late.................

It's kinda what happened!
How is it when you get up early you somehow manage to be late? I think you totally get a little laid back and think you have all the time in the world when in actual fact you have approximately 17 minutes more than usual. This is how I came to be at the gallery at 9.59 with the taste of toothpaste still fresh in my mouth. Admittedly my cat Merlin came in to say 'mornin' and managed to be sick five times in five minutes and that took about 16 of my 17 minutes to clear up. Charming.
I had a busy day with a few visitors and a few friends coming over. Lisa came to do some printing and Ian came to utilise my special CV pimping skills. It was fun to hang out with him and rewrite his CV a million times. I hope that he is happy with the end result.
My friends Mum came to see me at the gallery today all the way from Canada. No, she didn't make a specific journey from Canada just Bournemouth. We wiled away a pleasant hour talking about art, artists and political incorrectness/correctness. She told us an hilarious story which due to it's politically incorrect nature I can't really write it here. But if you know me and are reading this remind me to tell you. It made us all giggle or should I say snigger! It was lovely to meet Orlene, I apologise for any misspelling.
I had some exciting deliveries today, well they say everything is relative and this is no different. I got a new print display stand so that I can show other two dimensional work that isn't framed. I also got a heron skull which is beautiful and macabre at the same time. Probably the least interesting is the sepia ink cartridges, but rest assured I will make beautiful drawings with them.

This is similar but not as delicate as mine.
I am all ready to do some printing tomorrow and I think Lisa is going to be doing some as well. I am hoping for a productive day as I really need to crack on and get some work ready for this solo exhibition of mine.
Opening on Saturday if you fancy a day trip to Swanage this weekend.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dull Start But A Stunning Finish.

"What distinguishes a great artist from a weak one is first their sensibility and tenderness; second their imagination, and third, their industry"

John Ruskin

What does a day off mean to you? Well for me it seems to mean putting away a weeks worth of washing, doing some more, cleaning and general housework. I'm not sure about you but I kinda (sic) think that all those things are essentially work. I may well insist that Wednesday becomes my official day of rest and that no household chores will be completed.
There are days when you start out thinking that you can't really be bothered and you put minimal effort into achieving anything. That was me yesterday. Don't get me wrong I did exactly what needed to be done but no more. I had arranged to close the gallery early as I needed some supplies for the new piece that I'm working on and I was going to see Andrew Piesley about his solo exhibition.
I think that going to see the work of someone who has been producing art for 40 years and is still as passionate about a current work in progress as a drawing produced four decades ago, is a truly inspirational experience. The amount of work I saw was breathtaking, there's so much work that we have decided that one show will not be enough so there are going to be two. I'm going go and spend the day with him so that I can actually take it all in and start the difficult selection process. Only difficult because there is so much to choose from and I am impressed by it all. The first show will start at the beginning of April so if you are in Swanage definitely come and check it out.
Incidentally, that was why there was no blog yesterday as by the time I got home and had dinner it was bed o'clock.
If you are a creative person and you are suffering from a creative block, get yourself to an exhibition, a museum or anywhere that can inspire you. Life is too short to not do the thing you love. I am itching to get on with my new project as I now feel that having an exhibition of my work will be the culmination of all my achievements so far.
Exciting times. I am trying to contact local artists every day with the hope of exhibiting their work and I keep putting my blog as something they should look at. So if you are one of the very talented people that I have emailed please get in touch.