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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Boredom Is Not An Option

I wish I had the dog for company
I am beginning to remind myself of a custodian at a museum. I sit here straight faced and straight laced with a knowing silence and a vigilant eye. The silence bit isn't actually accurate as I am often talking to myself whilst doing some job or another. I am so used to talking to myself that I have found out to my horror that it doesn't stop when I am in the presence of other people. Why am I such a weirdo? Years of practice I guess.
I would love to be able to charge window lookers. They get to look at great art without the commitment of ever stepping over the threshold. There's a word for people like that but I'm far too polite to write in my blog.
Another fairly uneventful day at the office/gallery. I have been drawing obsessively (a duck skull) playing with as many different mediums as possible. I intend to fill a sketchbook with drawings of skulls.
Matt has hooked me up with the Skull Man, he is a groundsman and has access to many deceased things apparently. I can't wait to see his wares.
I have also been watching some very highbrow programmes that are on BBC 3. The Beauty of Books is well worth a look if you are a bibliophile like myself.  Then Romancing the Stone, the history of british sculpture. Very entertaining if you like art programmes.
Well, how quickly it is Wednesday. My day off looms. I intend to flee Swanage and visit somewhere else. I hope that I can go and nose around some other galleries and steal any of their good ideas.
To blog or not to blog? Will be the question of the day tomorrow.

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  1. Weirdo.....Weirdo......Nowt wrong with be'in a Weirdo........Look at me, l made money at it.... AND...Still do....!!!
    Just a thought, when l popped in the other week, as l said l was most impressed, not that l'm deaf, pardon.....But, l did'nt hear any background music. Perhaps it's was just me, if you do, then just ignore this deafy....!
    Have fun......! :)