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Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Monday Everybody!

First things first I would like to wish you all a very Happy Monday! I know the date but I also know that I would prefer everyone I know to be happy rather than in love. If you're happy and in love well done you! I have spent a day producing the most detailed drypoints that I have done in the the last fifteen years. The good thing is that I can do this whilst semi watching a film. So I watched Team America because people have been telling me for years that I would enjoy it. They were right I kinda (sic) did, in as much as it was ridiculous and absolutely ripped it out of the whole W.M.D thing. Bubble gum movie but we all know that over chewed bubble gum starts to disintegrate, enough said.
Then I re watched an old favourite Seven it's got some great bits that I love as an artist. There are the collections of things which I love and the endless notebooks. I am hoping to in a far less dark way to replicate the idea of collection. I am a bit preoccupied with this theme at the moment, so much so that I am thinking that I may actually start writing another blog that deals with the whole subject of obsessive collecting. So if that's something that floats your boat? We should talk.
Gallery news is a bit thin on the ground as it was quiet again today. Some lovely visitors though and I enjoyed talking to them.
Murray my In House photographer came to the gallery today and he started to document the first ever show for me. I'm excited as it will give me a chance to give you a proper feel of what the exhibition is like.
I am actually going to be printing tomorrow as I've been putting it off for the last four days but I have finished my epic drypoint.
Hope all you lovers out there have a fantastic evening.
Speak to you tomorrow!

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