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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

They Should Rename It Narrowband!

It would seem that my Broadband is like a fair weather friend. I am now fully operational at home and at the gallery it is erratic. I willingly admit that BT has been the reason for increased cursing both at home and at work. I despair at the thought of phoning India to speak to someone who makes promises they can't keep. I need the fortification of strong liquor to even contemplate doing it, for what will seem like the millionth time.
I have had a productive day and I am happy to say that I have finally printed my drypoint. It looks good but is drying so you'll have to wait to see it.
I've also been doing some painting and have now started to formalize my ideas for my big collection piece.
The gallery has been as lively today as a recently deceased animal. The rain is probably encouraging everybody to stay in doors. I cannot say I blame them.
I am hoping that tomorrow brings better weather as it is my day off and I have a garden that is badly in need of some attention, following a winter of neglect. I have a forlorn Christmas Tree that is being blown round the garden by gusts of winter wind. Not to mention the horror of long since dead plants in pots all glaring at me with accusatory wilted looks. I know I will not be alone in wishing there were some Elves that would magically put my garden back on the right track without me having to lift a finger. Sorry folks, dream on.
I am searching the internet for glass eyes at the moment as I have an eyedea (sic) that I want a jar of them in my collection piece. I am totally embracing my inner freak with this project but I hope that when you see the finished thing that you will see that it has been tastefully put together.

1 comment:

  1. Can't resist it......!
    BT....You wanna kick them into touch, a brace of pigeons would be far better. Legalized Mafia....
    AND, l should know. I had Sky put in from the start, some 20yrs ago now, and been with them ever since, they introduced Sky Talk, saved me money, Broadband, that's free, and just a year ago, l finally kick out BT, when l had the land line as well, at £10 a month. Saved me, overall £27:50 a quarter.
    Christmas tree in garden, l know a company who could remove that, there very good, they have 'branches' everywhere.....!
    And, if you contact the 'National Elve Service'
    They can also help you out......!
    As for the glass eye.....The mind boggles,
    can't 'see' anything in that......!
    Take Care....I'm just feel'in a bit 'Fluffy' To-day......Ciao....! :)