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Friday, 30 August 2013

Normal Service Is Now Resumed!

 I have been remiss but the truth is that today is my first day at the gallery all week. I have been taking advantage of people who need a quiet office space to work in. The gallery is perfect for that. It just means that I am now currently a little ahead when it comes to home chores. Thank you to all of my gallery sitters you have all done a sterling job.

The current exhibition is continuing to impress and what I would really like to happen is to sell something for Kim. Number 14 is the odds on favourite to go. It has many admirers and the sooner one of them takes the leap and buys it the happier I will be. I think Kim will be too.

What's coming next? A Drawing Exhibition, he local Life Drawing Class will be exhibiting their wares for about 8 days. It should be an interesting little exhibition, I have been championing drawing this year so I am pleased that there is to be one one more drawing exhibition. After that we have Stephen Bishop followed by Group 7. So the Autumn is looking as good as the Summer. For all of you that have been avoiding the madness of the summer crowds, schools go back next week. It is time to enjoy the more mellow Swanage. Next weekend it is the Blues Festival so not only will it be mellow but there will be tunes too.

I thought that you might like to see one of my holiday snaps. The Indian Ocean is so full of life that you cannot actually see many spaces without fish. I am contemplating having an exhibition of my marine images in a gap at the gallery. I have thousands.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Proof That Social Media Works!

I am back from holiday. It was amazing and I can highly recommend the Madives if you are into snorkelling and diving. Saw some amazing things.

I have taken down Jan Dagleys' exhibition and now I have Kim De Beers' exhibition up. It is so refreshing to see someone who is listening very carefully to her inner voice and creating haunting dreamlike images. Never boring at the gallery always out there doing something new trying to find artists who are pushing the boundaries. Come and see this show it starts with the Opening Evening Event tonight at 6.00.

I have spoken so much in the past about the importance self promotion and using all the great social media platforms that are out there to get people looking at your work. It would seem that I can 'lead and artist to an easel but I can't make them paint!'. This free, accessible world is there to be used.

If you are having an exhibition it is up to you to get the word out there. Have a think about your audience and the best way to approach them. How can you get lots of people to your Private View? Inviting them is a good start. You have to speculate to accumulate. Postcards, posters, e - invites Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. To name but a few, these all have slightly different audiences and that means you have the ability to target possible visitors to your exhibition.

Why am I going on about this? Well, in my absence I obviously did not write any blogs and did not use the gallery Facebook page etc. I get an email that tells me how many people have accessed my sites etc. In just 10 days my figures fell by 98%. I'm serious the more you post the more people look. Do not underestimate the power of these tools. I have regular readers of my blog who wonder where I have gone and if I have stopped writing a blog. If I hadn't been ill just before I went I had intended to have write timed posts that would update in my absence. But unfortunately, I was way too ill to think about doing that.

Learn to love social media especially if you want to attract a younger audience to your work.

Friday, 9 August 2013

If I Get Two Weeks Off So Do You!

Jan Dagley

I would like to say that my absence can be explained by general busyness but it hasn't been. I have been struck down with the most unusual stomach bug. I seem to be over it now but it laid me up for a few days.
The gallery must go on in my absence so thank you to my various gallery sitters. It is typical that just before my holiday I get ill. 
I am leaving the gallery in the capable hands of Shirley whilst I am away. She is primed to answer any enquiries that you might have. We do a very thorough job of preparing for every eventuality.

I am going to be doing some online tutorials when I come back from my hols. I will be giving some handy hints about a wide variety of creative subjects.
So do look out for them.

I have a great line up of exhibitions booked in for next year. A good variety, but I am really after some 3D artists. I seem to be inundated with 2D artists. Come on all you sculptors and ceramacists get busy making and show your wares.

I hope that you have some great plans in place for this weekend, you get two weeks off from me. 
You should come and see this exhibition as it is vibrant and dare I say it fun. Just make it part of you planned events you know it makes sense.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Jan Dagley Exhibition Is On

Jan Dagley
I love the fact there are so many creative people out and about in Swanage. It is nice to know that it is a bed of creativity. That being said, I really wish that I had a few less visits from people wanting to show me their new work. I am a very busy person and I am also very polite. It is so difficult to say 'I'm busy' as I want to support peoples creative pursuits but I am a one woman operation and that means that I am doing everything. I am also making sure everything is to date so that I can go away knowing that Shirley has nothing to worry about.

I think I will have to operate an appointment system so that I can do both without neglecting my daily duties. How does that sound?

Well, the new exhibition is already doing well. Had a few sales on Saturday so that was a nice start to the weekend. There are some absolute bargains to be had so do pop in and see it.

 I was hoping to have my map done and dusted by now but the time is running away with me. I have done the rough draft but now I need to get everybody's details on the back I am hoping to get that sorted tomorrow.

If you weren't here for Swanage Carnival you missed out. There was some great music and a lovely atmosphere and mostly the weather behaved itself.

It is the RNLI week starting on the 9th August, so there will be more going on in Swanage. I have been making my display today so remember to have a look in the gallery window.