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Friday, 30 August 2013

Normal Service Is Now Resumed!

 I have been remiss but the truth is that today is my first day at the gallery all week. I have been taking advantage of people who need a quiet office space to work in. The gallery is perfect for that. It just means that I am now currently a little ahead when it comes to home chores. Thank you to all of my gallery sitters you have all done a sterling job.

The current exhibition is continuing to impress and what I would really like to happen is to sell something for Kim. Number 14 is the odds on favourite to go. It has many admirers and the sooner one of them takes the leap and buys it the happier I will be. I think Kim will be too.

What's coming next? A Drawing Exhibition, he local Life Drawing Class will be exhibiting their wares for about 8 days. It should be an interesting little exhibition, I have been championing drawing this year so I am pleased that there is to be one one more drawing exhibition. After that we have Stephen Bishop followed by Group 7. So the Autumn is looking as good as the Summer. For all of you that have been avoiding the madness of the summer crowds, schools go back next week. It is time to enjoy the more mellow Swanage. Next weekend it is the Blues Festival so not only will it be mellow but there will be tunes too.

I thought that you might like to see one of my holiday snaps. The Indian Ocean is so full of life that you cannot actually see many spaces without fish. I am contemplating having an exhibition of my marine images in a gap at the gallery. I have thousands.

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