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Friday, 9 August 2013

If I Get Two Weeks Off So Do You!

Jan Dagley

I would like to say that my absence can be explained by general busyness but it hasn't been. I have been struck down with the most unusual stomach bug. I seem to be over it now but it laid me up for a few days.
The gallery must go on in my absence so thank you to my various gallery sitters. It is typical that just before my holiday I get ill. 
I am leaving the gallery in the capable hands of Shirley whilst I am away. She is primed to answer any enquiries that you might have. We do a very thorough job of preparing for every eventuality.

I am going to be doing some online tutorials when I come back from my hols. I will be giving some handy hints about a wide variety of creative subjects.
So do look out for them.

I have a great line up of exhibitions booked in for next year. A good variety, but I am really after some 3D artists. I seem to be inundated with 2D artists. Come on all you sculptors and ceramacists get busy making and show your wares.

I hope that you have some great plans in place for this weekend, you get two weeks off from me. 
You should come and see this exhibition as it is vibrant and dare I say it fun. Just make it part of you planned events you know it makes sense.

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