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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A Taster Of What Is Now On Show @ The Gallery.

The Private View was a great success, with plenty of people there. I think every one enjoyed themselves and we managed to raise a few quid for the pre-school in Corfe.

I have had a real doing day today so no flies on me. There are just a few procrastinations until tomorrow. But I believe that I will feel like doing them more tomorrow than I did today. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Do come along and have a look at the new exhibition, I think it will definitely get you talking about it.
Keeping it short and sweet today as I want to do a bit in my sketchbook before the onslaught of admin work to do tomorrow.

Enjoy the sunny afternoon, I have still got my heaters on.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Back To The Day Job!

Robin Beuscher ( Good Job we can't see the front of him)

That's another week over and done with. The Drawing Open has finished, the walls have been filled and sanded and repainted. (Just the filled bits). Now the mannequins are arriving, it is quite spooky having life size things in the gallery. Every time they catch your eye they scare the bejesus out of you. That could be just me.

I did my last print workshop at St George's yesterday. It was an action packed day, well I guess it would be teaching 40 kids printmaking. The thing is they were great but I am exhausted. I could have a nice week in bed to recover. I take my hat off to all teachers, I know I was one once but seriously what they do on a daily basis is nothing short of miracle work.

It is indeed a noble profession, that I am glad that I don't do for a living. There are certain things that I am not sure about if I say 'free flow' those in the know will know. It essentially means learning through wandering around aimlessly. Sorry I mean play.

Ok so I am officially back at the gallery full time again now, I would like to say a very big 'thank you' to Shirley who stands in for me. Can I also add, please can you look less disappointed when you see her instead of me. It's not very nice for her, I am half joking. I do have to remind people that whilst the gallery will always be open during normal hours as advertised. I may not be here, if you are making a special journey to see me then email/phone me first then the looks of disappointment can be avoided. I am a very busy person these days and I know that everyone else is too. So the less wasted journeys the better.

I bet you can't believe that I have got this far without mentioning the weather......no point, just more disappointment.

I hope that you have a really good weekend planned. I have got Robin Beuschers Private View tomorrow night at 6.00 so if you are in Swanage Town then pop in.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Starting work on a Tuesday means that I miss out on the first blog of the week. Yesterday, was World Book Night and I had stiff competition from the sun. It was the nicest evening that we have in ages and it would seem that even the temptation of a free book couldn't lure them in.
But on the upside they are flying out the door today. Better late than never.

The Drawing Open is drawing to a close, it is in its penultimate day. It has been very well received and the feedback has all been good.
I am getting ready for my next exhibition, Robin Beuscher, and it will be a real eye opener. I have been mentioning it for a while now. You absolutely must come and see this dark, satirical and challenging exhibition.
It will definitely entertain you. I have already printed out my disclaimer for the door.

I have got my last teaching day at a local school tomorrow. I am looking forward to it nearly as much as my bank manager. (A little wage humour).
I have had some lovely emails from the class teachers thanking me for my hard work and that they love what the kids produced.

I wish I had taken more pictures but to tell you the truth you are so busy that you don't really have time to stand back and take pictures. No one in their right mind would leave a five year old unattended with ink and a roller. The temptation is just too great.

I am looking forward to a nice relaxing week next week. I have been doing so much teaching that I am exhausted. That's probably why I have had a stinking cold.

I am listening to Sergio Mendes in the attempt to make the summer come back. It's very cheery music and definitely gets your toes tapping.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

'Contemptuous Art' Coming Soon To A Gallery Near You!

Robin Beuscher

It is bad enough working on a Saturday but working when the sun is actually out feels really unfair. I want to be out lounging in the sun reading a book. The upside is that it has been a busy day at the gallery with plenty of visitors. No real chatterboxes though, all seem content to just look at the work. I am not complaining as I am nursing a really sore throat.        

It will be just typical that the illness that is just lurking at the moment will get worse when I actually am not working.
Anyway enough whinging (is it me or does that look wrong?).

Why no blog, well I have been spreading the love of printmaking to schools near and far. Teaching children is fun. What I am not a fan of is knee high tables. I am by no means tall but bending that far down for entire day is murrrrrderrrrrrr! (pronounced with a Scottish accent like on Taggart.)

This time next week I will be getting ready to launch the 'Contemptuous Art' exhibition. Not for the faint hearted but you know I am a huge fan of art that pushes buttons. If Robin doesn't press a few buttons then I will be very surprised. There will have to be a PG sign on the door as some of it is definitely adult content.

I hope the sun continues to shine and that I get to actually enjoy it tomorrow. I hope that you do too.                

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Looking Doesn't Cost A Thing!

Teaching means that blogging takes a back seat. I was at Mount Scar Primary School and I taught U3 some printmaking techniques. It was a great day and I'm still in awe of how bright kids can be. They are so easy to get excited about learning something new.
Having spent many years teaching disillusioned teenagers you forget that if you get them young enough they are like sponges. Excitable sponges!

The current show is still doing well, there have been plenty of people through the door and the feedback has been good.
The Mike Griffiths drawing has definitely proved a talking point. It is always good to have people come and discuss the work on the walls. It means they are actually looking.
You might think that everyone who steps inside a gallery will look at the work, you would be wrong. The average length of a visitor is anything from 1 minute to 30 minutes with everything in between. What can someone really see in a gallery with sometimes up to 50+ images or objects in under 5 minutes? The answer is not much but many visitors only spend 1-5 minutes in the gallery.

Just remember looking is free.

Teaching again tomorrow so Shirley is standing in for me. I'm off to Wareham. I wonder what wonderful work they will produce.

I am always busy so I just don't understand people who are bored. I generally have to stop when I cannot continue any further.

Friday, 12 April 2013

A Blast From The Past!

Breaking News! I have gone down to one heater (admittedly it's because one broke) but I am warm enough. Does this mean that Spring may finally have sprung?

My office is now a sanctuary of calm and order. I spent yesterday creating a more Zen environment as I felt it was getting a bit ridiculous in here. Clutter is not conducive to clear thinking and I need to be able to think clearly at some point.

People are really enjoying the Drawing exhibition, and it is being visited by people from all over Dorset. Glad that is so wide reaching.

I had a lovely visit with Brian Rice and Jacy Wall they were coming to scope out the pace in preparation of Brian's show for PAW.
I think they liked the space and other than my hanging work for tall people are looking forward to putting his show on.

It's funny I thought it was a bit high but was working against the clock. One day I'll be less busy, not sure when that will be. No time soon.

Teaching in schools next week so I'm getting myself prepared. It's been a while so there's a lot to think about.

What the gallery used to look like!

Just a little reminder, I forget that it has come such a long way. It was very ugly, look at the grease and oil stains on the carpet.
Every time you knelt down it would stain your knees. We won't go into the smell, there's no need for that on a Friday.

If you are heading to Swanage this weekend pop in and say hi.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Teaching Is The Name of The Game

I am back at the gallery and it is quiet. Other than my phone ringing that is. The ringing in my ears as someone asks if they can hire a bike. It's been well over two years now. How can this still be happening? If you are searching on the Internet using google then you will see that my picture is still the bike shop.
It is so annoying, but they only update pictures every three years. Really, with all their cash, surely they could do it more often.

I have decided that if Bristol was on the coast I would relocate there. It is so vibrant, with lots of  arts and crafts. I wish there were more opportunities for aspiring artists to set up pop up galleries. Take over vacant premises and fill them with art. God knows the doom and gloom of closed shops is just a depressing site.

I am so busy with organising myself to go back to school. Well, teaching in a school, make that three schools. Planning is the name of the game, you quickly forget how much is involved when teaching large groups of children. Wish me luck.

I am not going to wing it. I am going to make sure I've covered all the bases. I'll try and post some pictures of the work if I'm allowed.
Just to let you know I have now got booking number 6 for next year. Not much time left if you are planning an exhibition.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Drawing Open Is Drawing People In!

It would seem that April is the month of 'Drawing'. There's activities and exhibitions all over that explore drawing in all it's forms! Hurrah, it is happenstance that I too am celebrating drawing.
I am in Bristol and it has such a vibrant creative culture here. Music, art, poetry, literature. I went to a pub/cafe/bar today that has a craft event every Sunday that anyone can take part in. Today it was origami and I made a fish and a penguin.
The basic set up is so simple and the themes vary from plasticine modelling to mask making. To sit in a pub and watch so many people actively engaged in making something was fantastic.
It has given me food for thought and I am going to see how I can generate a creative event that gets everyone involved and is fun!
As usual watch this space.
Shirley is gallery sitting for me so be sure to say Hi if you pop in.
The Drawing Open is proving very popular so I think it counts as a successful exhibition. Really busy on Saturday. Hence no blog.
Why do the letters NFS cause such a frenzy of desire? Don't ask me, I'm asking you! Not for sale seems to be just too tantalising for some people. It's the one that they want ( just like Grease). I wonder if I could cash in on this???
Hold that thought.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Come And See Some Brilliant Drawings!

I am not sure that I encouraged anyone to enter a gallery but I am determined to keep on trying. So snow yesterday, you know that I had to mention it. I am still thermally clad and basking in the orangey glow of my halogen heaters.
If wasn't for the fact that I have a summer holiday booked then I might be on the slippery slope towards depression. Or I think the technical term is S.A.D.
Many people have been braving the arctic conditions because after all we are british and the weather will not deter us from enjoying the seaside.

The calendar for 2014 is looking good already. That is not actually true as you can't buy a 2014 wall calendar anywhere yet. I know because I have tried. I am such a visual person I like the big wall filling calendar with lots of bookings on it.

I am starting to enter my work into Print Open Exhibitions as I have it framed now and it is all ready to go. Wish me luck.

The picture in todays blog is Tamlyn Blasdale-Holmes drawing which is currently on display at the gallery. It is a pencil drawing. It is fantastic, and he is having a show with me next year. Come and see it for yourself.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Why Visit A Local Art Gallery?

 Private View for Drawing Open

  1. It will give you something to think about.
  2. It enriches the local community.
  3. It's free to look.
  4. You might see something that you like.
  5. It supports artists that live and work locally.
  6. Independent Art Galleries are on the decline.
  7. It can be inspirational.
  8. There is a shortage of gallery spaces in the South West your support could keep more afloat.
  9. Art can be educational, challenging and topical.
  10. It's free.
There are 10 (well 9 really) good reasons to set foot inside a gallery. I hope that you agree. The only qualifications that you need to look at art is knowing what you like and what you dislike. It is not important that you like everything that you see, in fact it is better if you don't like everything. That just means that you are discerning in your tastes.

It is important for people to visit exhibitions as they are put on with that intention and selling art is a by product of the experience. Not an expectation.

My soap box moment is now at an end. If you are in a town with a gallery, go and have a look. Don't be intimidated by anyone or anything. Art is produced and exhibited for an audience let that be you. If you like what you see, spread the word. If you don't like what you see, encourage others to go and have a look and then discuss both experiences. Hating something is as valid as loving something.

The only thing I will say is that artists are sensitive souls (mainly) so if a piece of work fills you with horror you don't need to shout it from the rooftops. Think of it like music, whilst classical music might float your boat, screamcore (yes it does exist) may leave you reaching for the earplugs. There are lovers of both.

Monday, 1 April 2013

The Drawing Open Is Now Open.

It gets so monumentally busy that the blog has to take a backseat. The Private View was a huge success with plenty of people in attendance. I am very happy with the hang as it is always tricky when there are so many different styles.
It is a great show so please come and see it.

I have been busy designing and redesigning and redesigning......you get the picture. It is really difficult to make images fit a space that they don't want to. Without compromising the image or cropping it. A job that you think is going to take minutes but then takes hours (and hours) and makes you generally frustrated is not cool.
One day I will have the money to pay someone to do this for me. Can we please fast forward to this day, if I add another please?

Well, I am at work on the Bank Holiday and I have two whole people in, that is not to say that there were any halves in. Just two people. But I am a woman of my word and I will just wait it out.

Teaching a lot this week so at least working today has allowed me to get ahead of the game a little. But now I am off.
Hope you have had a good Easter and if you are on holiday still have a good one!