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Saturday, 20 April 2013

'Contemptuous Art' Coming Soon To A Gallery Near You!

Robin Beuscher

It is bad enough working on a Saturday but working when the sun is actually out feels really unfair. I want to be out lounging in the sun reading a book. The upside is that it has been a busy day at the gallery with plenty of visitors. No real chatterboxes though, all seem content to just look at the work. I am not complaining as I am nursing a really sore throat.        

It will be just typical that the illness that is just lurking at the moment will get worse when I actually am not working.
Anyway enough whinging (is it me or does that look wrong?).

Why no blog, well I have been spreading the love of printmaking to schools near and far. Teaching children is fun. What I am not a fan of is knee high tables. I am by no means tall but bending that far down for entire day is murrrrrderrrrrrr! (pronounced with a Scottish accent like on Taggart.)

This time next week I will be getting ready to launch the 'Contemptuous Art' exhibition. Not for the faint hearted but you know I am a huge fan of art that pushes buttons. If Robin doesn't press a few buttons then I will be very surprised. There will have to be a PG sign on the door as some of it is definitely adult content.

I hope the sun continues to shine and that I get to actually enjoy it tomorrow. I hope that you do too.                

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