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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Drawing Open Is Drawing People In!

It would seem that April is the month of 'Drawing'. There's activities and exhibitions all over that explore drawing in all it's forms! Hurrah, it is happenstance that I too am celebrating drawing.
I am in Bristol and it has such a vibrant creative culture here. Music, art, poetry, literature. I went to a pub/cafe/bar today that has a craft event every Sunday that anyone can take part in. Today it was origami and I made a fish and a penguin.
The basic set up is so simple and the themes vary from plasticine modelling to mask making. To sit in a pub and watch so many people actively engaged in making something was fantastic.
It has given me food for thought and I am going to see how I can generate a creative event that gets everyone involved and is fun!
As usual watch this space.
Shirley is gallery sitting for me so be sure to say Hi if you pop in.
The Drawing Open is proving very popular so I think it counts as a successful exhibition. Really busy on Saturday. Hence no blog.
Why do the letters NFS cause such a frenzy of desire? Don't ask me, I'm asking you! Not for sale seems to be just too tantalising for some people. It's the one that they want ( just like Grease). I wonder if I could cash in on this???
Hold that thought.

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