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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Oooh Pretty Fireworks!!

Ok, a really late blog today and that is purely due to the fact that I was feeling very uninspired earlier but I have overcome my lethargy and have decided to write one now.
I have popped into the gallery on my way to the first night of Swanage Carnival. I have told you all about the fun that is the carnival. Well it kicks off tonight.
Having usually worked in Poole and not really knowing many local people I have to say that I have never been too involved in the whole build up to carnival. This year however I have been far more involved and so many of my friends have actually taken the whole week off work. I know that they will be annoying me at the gallery as they go off to enjoy themselves and rub my nose in the fact that I will be working.
As I read this back I realize that for some reason that today punctuation is absolutely not my friend.
Today has been busy with a steady flow of people coming in throughout the day.
I am going to open tomorrow from 12-3 as I'm guessing that Swanage might be busy.
In the past I have moaned abouth amount of window smudging that goes on. Nothing could have prepared me for 'What's Not My Line'. Wow, in the space of just a few hours the amount of smudges was impressive. They really were everywhere.
Anyway Carnival Club awaits me. I hope that you can find the time to come and join in as there really are loads of things to do and most of them are either free or very reasonably priced.
If you would like to you can join my Facebook page 'L'Artishe Gallery and Studio' or the group 'Friends of L'Artishe Gallery and Studio. It helps to spread the word to a broader audience.
Hope that you are having a great weekend.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Everything In Its Right Place

I really thought that today was going to be busy as it's been getting steadily busier all week. It would seem that I was wrong. In fact I would say that it's the quietest that it has been in months. I hope that it is because the weekend is going to be full on hectic.
I have carried on with my super organizing and have sorted out the studio today. Everything in its right place. I have to admit it does look a bit too tidy for a working studio I might have to make some mess just to make it look lived in. Or more importantly worked in.
So I have my  'What's not my line' sign in the window and I have hidden my object . This is a carnival activity that I will readily admit that I love. Local shop owners all put something in their shop window that they do not usually sell. You get a form and you have to identify every single thing to be entered for a prize. I have done it for the last four years and probably will again this year.
I think as I intend to open this weekend I will probably close early as there hasn't been anyone through the door for the last four hours and as patient as I am there's only so much door watching that you can do.
If the sun was out I think it would be a different story.
As always let's hope that the weekend brings the sunshine with it and that we can all enjoy the benefits.
The title to todays blog was inspired by one of my favourite bands. 10 points if you can name them.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Selling Is Good For The Soul/Bank Balance!

This was me earlier!

The story of my day off goes as follows........I did not have one. Here endeth the tale. I had every intention of spending the day participating in one of my many non gallery related hobbies. That was the plan until I sold a painting on Tuesday afternoon. Hooray!!! Not just any painting, my best sale since I opened the gallery. I am very happy about that, as is the artist.
Well as these things go I had to arrange for it to be delivered and hung yesterday hence my day off not really being much of a day off. But who cares because I sold a painting.
I have spent the majority of the day sorting out my 'shove and bung' filing system. I know I have mentioned before that I am an organized person and that is true but there's organization = knowing where everything is. Then there's organization = everything being in its right and proper place. I'm more of the former than the latter. Until today. I have a filing cabinet that is very organized and very tidy it only took me the best part of the day to do.
Owning your own business generates a fair amount of paperwork but thankfully nowhere near as much as teaching.
I hope that those of you who are local enough to visit Swanage are planning to over the week or so as I mentioned before Swanage Carnival gets underway this weekend. Come and hopefully have some fun in the sun by the sea.
My page views have dropped again, apparently there's only so much 'sex' you can look at in a week. I'm not worried. I know I have a faithful and loyal following.
My sister said to me a while ago that she does not phone me as often anymore as she just reads the blog to find out how I'm getting on. I think my Mum does the same.
So here's some news, my neighbour drove into the back of my Mini by accident on Monday. It looks bad and I haven't had time to get a quote I am hoping that the insurers don't want to right it off as I love my little car.
Anyway I've got to go and close the gallery now. Have a great evening!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

How Rude!

Late blog today as I have been printing with a variable degree of success. I am like most artists I need to not look at what I have done for a while before I can make the decision about its worth. I may still hate it but who knows? I know that I don't.
The Indian contingent have sent my blog into overdrive again, I have already had 120 page views today and I have not posted a new blog yet.
I wish I could work out why it keeps happening. But it would seem that I have no way of knowing what is causing them to look at it other than the obvious use of the word 'sex'.
Today has been considerably busier than yesterday which is always a good thing. I have been up to my elbows in ink so maybe it's the fact that people can see me working that makes them want to come in.
I also think it is due to the fact that the sun has been out today and people seem to be strolling up and down the street.
I am looking forward to tomorrow as I fully intend to do nothing gallery related if I can possibly help it.
I would like to take this opportunity to remind you all that there is a new show starting on Saturday 6th August. It is the work of ceramacist Mary Jane Evans. It should be a spectacular display of a wide range of ceramics. Something for everyone. I hope that you can make the Private View which will start at 6.30 as usual.
I have just bought a book that has 300 papermaking recipes in it so next week I intend to start producing some new paper for the prints that I have been working on. How exciting!
Yesterday I had some bad news my next door neighbour drove in to the back of my car by accident. I will have to take it to get a quote for repair tomorrow. I have have had more damage done to my car whilst I haven't actually been it than when I have. That just seems a little unfair to me.
I hope that you are having a good week so far. I'm hoping that mine takes a turn for the better very soon.

Monday, 25 July 2011

With A Little Help From My Friends (In India)

I told you that the Indian contingent had gone away and that the blog which has had the most page views had slumped in the ratings. I was wrong they came back with a vengeance yesterday. I am totally uncertain about what and how that happens. I generally don't post a blog on a Sunday so I have no idea how it registers on  their radar!
I have been happy with the amount of page views I get until I read that there are bloggers who get up to 500,000 a day. Wow! I suppose a little ol' gallery in Swanage  is not exactly going to get that kind of traffic. Unless I start to expose the dark under belly of the Purbecks. Spill all the gossip and scandal. I suppose that might generate a couple more page views.
Or I could just use my blog top keep people informed about what is happening and when so that they can book dates into their diaries and plan to visit the beautiful Isle of Purbeck.
Fist things first, The Swanage Carnival starts next weekend and whilst it is no Notting Hill it is definitely worth a trip over the water. There are fireworks, bands, stalls and loads of family based activities to get involved with. The fantastic procession on Sunday afternoon is great to watch. All the galleries will be open as well so you can have a good browse before that starts. (Hint, Hint).

I will be part of the 'What's Not My Line' Competition this year so I hope that to see lots of people looking in the gallery window trying to spot the thing that I do not normally sell. I wonder if anyone would get it if I just put a really bad painting in the window? A bit too tenuous I guess. I will not be telling anyone that knows me the answer so don't even bother asking.
I hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine. I'm freezing, got the heater on full blast. I really must sort my heating.
That's what happens when you do not live on the sunny side of the street.
I should tell you that your chances to see the very talented Maria Jirats exhibition are slipping away. Please come and check it out, I'd love to see you.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Twice In One Week!

I'm not sure whether I've put this on before

I know you might find it hard to believe but I was really too busy again yesterday to write my blog! I know twice in one week. I've told you before when there is a heightened degree of focus going on in my life I have to ride the wave of it. Next week I will be back to watching my thrillers and producing numerous bits of art. Although I have decided to spend the afternoon printing because I can. I was sorting out all the work that the people in my Monoprint workshop produced last week and I thought I should do some of that.
As usual the weather has gone off it's meds and is currently having what I think they call in mental health circles an 'episode'. I'm sure the majority of you who live down south woke up to a beautiful morning, as did I. It has done a disappearing trick. David Blaine eat your heart out!
I have sorted all the cover for my holiday and if you pop over whilst I'm away please be nice to my friends. If you come over on Monday 22nd you will have the pleasure of meeting the artist whose work will be on show. So if you're a fan of ceramics and beautifully crafted work I would suggest that you definitely come and visit.
So it's official schools out for Summer!! I am going to miss my long summer holiday. For those of you who regularly read my blog I wanted to let you know it's been exactly a year since I was made redundant. That time has absolutely flown. I can't say that I miss it because I don't. I miss working with the students that bit was very rewarding. I just hope that they are all following their dreams and have stuck with education.
I am hoping that today I am going to make a sale. I have a feeling that it could happen today. I won't be disappointed it would just be nice.
For those of you lucky enough to be on holiday now I hope that if you visit Swanage you will pop in and say hello. For the rest of you enjoy your weekend and let's hope that the weather gets its act together and lets us enjoy some lovely sunshine.
The Indian contingent have stopped reading my blog so the blog of whose name we shall not speak has dipped in the ratings. I am back to my normal 40-60 page views a day.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Beats Working For A Living

I cannot quite believe the time. I have been working absolutely flat out today. I have taken another booking today for November. So it is looking good for having my own show in December. I have had PAW confirm the booking for next year. I can't divulge anything more about it at the moment but what I will say if Jim Hunter was fantastic this year, next year will be off the chart. How exciting is that? The answer is very!!
I am having day of admin and I like to keep it to a minimum but there are days when that is an impossibility. You will see the fruits of my labour very soon and I promise you it will not be apples, oranges or bananas.
I'm going to have to keep it short as I have quite literally run out of time.
It has been a day of two halves, the first half was deader than Tutankamen and the second half was considerably better. I don't think the weather is helping matters at all. I think if I had to describe it as a medical condition I would definitely think that schizophrenia would be apt.
Let's all cross our fingers and hope that the gloom will lift for the weekend. If I don't start working on my base tan I fear that I will be joining the other lobsters on the beach in Egypt. So here's hoping that our joint wishes will be granted.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

It's Oh So Quiet!

Methinks thou dost protest too much!
All I'm going to say is  'To think I thought yesterday was quiet'. I have had two people through the door today and it is now 2pm. I am convinced that this is the day that I should be closed.
I have spent the morning satisfying my OCD tendencies by transferring all the information that has been scrawled on bits of paper into my diary using an array of different coloured pens. Yes, I am that tragic. I followed that up with a drawing session with my new Bamboo/Wacom stylus for the iPad. It is lovely. It allows you to draw that little bit more accurately but without becoming too precious. I have produced about five drawings that I am quite happy with.
I have discovered an online art newspaper which is quite an interesting read. Click on the link and see what you think.


I think it's quite interesting and I like to read about what's going on in the art world.
Now, what I would like to find out if any of you have some creative ways to get people to stop hovering outside the open door, yes open door and come through it to look at the art. I am contemplating getting some window decals that say 'come inside, it's free to look'. What do you think?
I definitely get more people through the door when it's open but the hesitance in stepping through it needs to be counteracted.
How about free sweets inside? I would welcome any suggestions and for those of you have given me ideas in the past can I assure you that I have taken them all on board and are now in place.
Day off tomorrow, and I intend to finish deconstructing my studio at home as I no longer need it. The cats already think it is their safe haven. So may as well move all my art equipment down to my work studio.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Too Busy To Write My Blog

Monoprint Workshop
I'm sorry that I didn't get around to writing a blog on Saturday but I was busy doing my first printmaking workshop. It was fantastic, I think every one who attended had a good time and they all produced a huge amount of work and it was all really good. So I've already arranged the next one.
The dates are Saturday 13th August and Saturday 27th August if you want to come email me at info@lartishe.co.uk. I'll send you the details.
It's been another quiet day in Swanage but I'm guessing that's due to the weather being fairly dreadful.
I am looking forward to Swanage Carnival in a couple of weeks, I hope the weather improves for then.
I have finally booked my holiday and I am very fortunate to have good friends who are willing to lend a helping hand. So I've got cover and in four weeks time I'll be swimming in the Red Sea. I can't wait.
Just when you think the day is going to be total washout 11 people come through the door. It has been fairly busy since I started writing this. Considering it is chucking it down with rain.
There is a new app for the iPhone which is called Herston Lime. It is full of local information and now I've finally sent Ben the gallery information I will be on it. It is my favourite price free. So if you are planning a trip to Swanage and you want to get some ideas about what to see and where to go it was worth taking a look. It is definitely worth a look.
If you are local to the area and are interested in being listed just let me know and I can pass you details on to Ben.
That's all for now folks.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Where Have All The People Gone? Long Time Passing.

I took this picture and I want to take some more!
It has been a weirdly quiet week. The quietest it's been in months. I DO NOT LIKE IT! The sun has been out a bit so I'm guessing that the masses are heading for the beautiful beaches in Swanage. Lucky them. The more people through the door generally means the quicker the day goes. I make myself busy with other things because that is what I do. I am rearing to go for tomorrows workshop I have spent time rearranging the studio. I am still babysitting the work of a few artists and I am hoping that they come and pick it up soon as I have no room for it. I'll have start charging them storage space fees.
If you could win prizes for staring into space I would like to enter myself for those competitions. I have become semi professional at it of late. It's not that I haven't got enough to do because I really do. I blame the Astrology. It has been preordained that I am going to live a life of incessant daydreaming, and that I will spend more time with my head in the clouds than with my feet on the ground. I've told you before that I don't really buy into all that stuff but there are definitely certain things that ring true.
It is looking like my fortnight away is going to be whittled down to a week away. I just really want to go swimming in the nice warm sea. Do you think I could Jim to fix it for me? I wish.
I'm tempted to return to Egypt because the Red Sea is so fantastic. But the truth is I'm not sure whether I can be bothered with the stomach troubles it brings with it.
As always I hope that you have got something really good to do this weekend that is not too weather dependent. Have fun and wish me luck for my workshop!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Riddle Me This!

The Riddler

I have just completed two online quizzes about how creative I may or may not be. One says I am uber creative whilst the other says that I would not succeed in any creativity based role. I will not be putting a link to either of those quizzes. The one thing I did like was that I scored very highly as a fantasy thinker. I have no real idea what that means but I love the sound of it.
I had lots of messages about the autism/spectrum quiz. I'm glad so many of you took it. It would seem that the majority of my friends are not on the spectrum at all. I am not quite sure how to interpret that information. If I find any other links that help you to find out about yourself I will make sure that I put them on.
I found out today that the ad that is in Evolver says that my email contact is info@lartishe.com. It wasn't but I have now updated it to work with either .com or .co.uk. I am sorry if you have been trying to send me images for the Colour Open Exhibition and your emails keep being bounced back. I have sorted the problem.
Gallery news, I have had even more interest in hiring the gallery this week. I am so pleased. I am really convinced that everything is going to be ok. I can't say that I ever really had any doubt but it pays not be overly confident and humility is an attractive trait in anyone.
I have had a major tidy up today as I am having a printmaking workshop on Saturday. I like it to be nice and tidy for my clients. It also allows me to have a legitimate reason to clean, not that I need one.
It's been very quiet today. I have been procrastinating about putting my Summer opening times up as I am totally indecisive about what day to close.
I intend to make the decision today. So watch this space for the update.
I am going to spend the afternoon reading my book. If you like thrillers and have read the Steig Larsen trilogy. 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' etc you should definitely try Jo Nesbo. He's an awesome writer and his books are every bit as thrilling and captivating. They always make me stay up too late.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Spectrum = Rainbow

Tuesday is turning the tables on Monday. If Monday was full of exuberance and potential largely down to the sun and the blue skies. Tuesday is void of all of that. I have every light on and to be honest it's still a bit dull. I think the people mooching around Swanage today are feeling the gloom. I really hope that the shy summer stops hiding behind grey cloudy curtains.
All that being said I don't need to tell you that there have not been very many people through the door today. I am feeding my passion for art documentaries today. It is fascinating learning about the whys behind the paintings. It never ceases to amaze me what drives artists and also what art historians like to say about them. Obsession seems to be the word that I find echoed throughout most programmes when they talk about artists.
Having taught very gifted artists who have been on the autistic spectrum I would definitely wager that many artists sit comfortably on the spectrum too. I have tested myself and I am on the spectrum. I scored 25 the average score for a woman is between 11-15.
Try it for yourself. It's not science and is probably inherently flawed but it's interesting nevertheless.


I'm going to go for a late lunch as it has been so quiet at the gallery I may as well get my other chores done.
My day off tomorrow and it's as busy as they ever are. But the thing I am most determined to do is book a holiday as I have arranged (I hope) someone to cover me at the gallery. Sunshine and swimming here I come.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Blowing Hot and Cold!

Sometimes I just like a nice picture!

A Monday that has the sun out and the sky blue must be the best way to start the week. I cannot wait to get central heating in the gallery. It bizarrely is not very warm at all. I still have the fire on most days as I am sat still doing admin and it makes me cold. I step outside and it's lovely and warm.
I spent an an enjoyable day yesterday with a terrible migraine. Yes folks I'm being ironic! I get maybe four a year and they just make my left eye close and necessitate me lying in a darkened room. All better today.
I am running a printmaking workshop this Saturday and I am very excited about that. I do miss teaching and any opportunity to do it is always welcome.
Don't worry a workshop specific list of things to do is well underway. Where would I be without them?
I have some blank canvasses for sale at the gallery at the moment if you're interested just pop in. They are incredibly reasonably priced and Daler Rowney so not cheap rubbish.
Would you like to be part of a collaborative art project? If you would then keep reading the blog as I will be putting details on here as soon as I have finalized the idea.
I am hoping that Swanage gets a little busier over the coming weeks and people visit the gallery and go away and tell all their friends.
Over two hours have passed since I started writing this blog. I have been inundated with people wanting to hire the gallery next year. All on the same day wanting virtually the same dates. Which is absolutely typical. Have to do some juggling around and I hope that I can accommodate everybody.
Word to the wise, I am starting to fill up for next year already and if you are thinking about hiring the gallery I would advise you to make contact with me and get pencilled in. Remember that Swanage is a hive of activity from Easter onwards and the Summer months are at a premium.
Wow, bookings rolling in for next year how exciting is that? I may spare a moment to pat myself on the back later.
Nearly 2.00 and I haven't done anything remotely creative, just made phone calls and answered emails. No more blogcrastination for me. 

Saturday, 9 July 2011

I'm Kinda Jazzed Out!

I'm not entirely sold on the Jazz Weekend! They are all staying away from the gallery in droves.
Only 11 people through the door so far but as usual the ones that have been through the door have all been very impressed.
I have been making collagraph plates all day and I'm looking to spending next week printing them. Do you remember that leap I told you about it has been well and truly taken. I am well on the way to developing the work now.
I am going to enter some of my drawings into a competition as I think they are quite good and you've got to be in it to win it.
I'm writing this on my iPad because I am indulging in my third dose of thriller action for the day. I love the fact that I can still do my work and have them on in the background.
For the last two days my blog has been receiving unprecedented attention. 320 page views, followed by 220 page views. They just seem to love the blog of whose title I will cease to mention, in India. I'm not joking it's true.
Whatever floats your boat I guess.
It would be nice to see a few more people through the door, but it has also allowed me to develop my own work.
I hope that you are enjoying a great weekend.
Santastu the toilets from yesterday's blog can be found in situ in West Smithfield. Thanks for reading.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Caught In The Act

I know that I have spoken before about certainties but I feel the need to do it again. Today there have been remarkably few visitors to the gallery. In fact at the point of writing this there have been only five. I know that it is because the weather has been far from great. So here is the certainty. Bear it in mind that I have been here since 11.00 and only five people have crossed the threshold and it's now nearly 4.00. Three of those five people have caught me on the toilet. Come on, what are the chances of that? Those odds are crazy. I hate coming out of the toilet to greet people it catches you both literally and metaphorically 'with your pants down'.
I also know that I can't shut the gallery every time I need the toilet.
Enough about that.
Very little to tell you about really, as five people over the course of five hours doesn't really generate that much information.
One of the most popular pictures in this current exhibition is also the biggest. The likelihood of it selling is fairly remote.
Such is life I guess. I am hoping that the weather will get back on track tomorrow and bring more people across the water and more visitors to the gallery.
I have now got a business mobile phone so that when people have made a special visit to the gallery and find it shut they can give me a ring and if  I'm local I will be able to come and open it up for them.
So if that ever happens to you the number will be on my door.
I hope that you all have fantastic things planned for this weekend and that the weather is kind to us all. It is the summer after all.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sale Of The Century

I know I only told you this a couple of days ago but it has suddenly gone absolutely ridiculous. I have had over 200 page views today and guess what they are all looking at? You know already don't you? The word 'tragic' springs to mind. Seriously, I wish that I could see the disappointment on their faces when they realize what they are looking at is a bout as sexy as reading the weather forecast.
I arrived at the gallery today to find that the window smudgers had been out in force in my absence. Every single pane of glass (I wanted to do a deliberate misspelling there 'pain') bore witness to hands and faces being pressed up against them. They were also covered in the dirty splashes that wet roads kick up. Lovely!
It's all shiny again out there. My thanks goes out to Windowlene and the sun!
I spent my day off looking after a friend who had the most disastrous tummy bug. I will freely admit I am a rubbish nurse because I am far too squeamish and all bodily fluids repulse me. I did my best. I cannot be the judge of exactly how good that actually is.
Good news, I sold a painting today. The first one of this new show. That is always a good sign. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You should come and see it because it is really good. It's free to look.
I had a nice visit from the ladies that do ceramics. They are hiring the gallery for the last two weeks of October. It should be a good little show. A completely ceramic based exhibition, so if 3D is your thing come along. I hope to have a completely glass one next year.
If someone has a magic word or spell that can make artists reply to their emails please can you let me know it. They are notoriously bad at it, which is usually fine but when you are trying to book in people for workshops it is a bit of a disaster.
I sometimes get the feeling that I am a bit too uptight to qualify as an artist. I check my emails religiously and respond accordingly. I am punctual and organized and all of these are qualities I keep being told that artists do not possess.
Please feel free to add to the debate. I really like it when people take the time to comment. Thanks Willie! I cannot quite believe that it is 3.00 but I am also very glad that it is.
I'll be back tomorrow if a certain stomach bug doesn't attack me which I'm starting to think that it might.
You Know What To Do

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Rain Washes Business Down The Drain!

Well if the sun keeps the people on the beaches then the rain will keep them indoors. Neither of those things result in people through the door. I am trying to type this without looking at the keyboard and it has already taken me far longer to type than norma. Ha, ha Norma is a really slow typist that I used to know. It is just one of those things that I do to break up the monotony of nobody through the door.
An observation of people and art.
If an artist produces huge works of art people ask me is that available in a smaller format. If an artist produces small works of art people ask me if it is available in a bigger format. Is the key to this scenario to get all artists only to ever produce medium size works that will hopefully appeal to both camps?
I am being ironic, I know that it doesn't work that way. I am going to produce work in a variety of sizes or maybe I am not who can tell?
I am going to go and do my chores now. That will mean leaving the gallery and getting wet. But money must go in the bank and cheques must be posted.
I hope that you are somewhere warm and dry, chances are that you will be if you are reading this.
I am starting to publicize the next exhibition as I know that Mary Jane has many admirers of her work and if I let you all know early enough you can pencil it in your diaries if you want to come to the Private View.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday! Monday!

I would like to thank the idiot who decided it would be a good idea to post an entire sandwich through my letterbox. It's a good job that I have CCTV and can send footage directly to the Cop Shop.
Blame British Telecom! (Not for sandwich posting). I know I do. For some reason my internet connection at the gallery has decided that it is going to become a bit more like my connection at home. Fairly useless, this is why there was an absence of blog on Saturday as try as I might I couldn't get connected.
That being said I was also fairly busy as I has a whole new show to put up and then organize the Private View for. It was a successful evening and quite a good turn out considering the weather was stunning. I fully appreciate that people want to be outside enjoying the sun.
I reveling in a morning of extreme organization. What's funny is that there are definitely peaks and troughs in my levels of sortedness (sic). I've debunked my desk top made numerous new folders whilst deleting others. Emptied out my inbox, printed out replacement leaflets etc. After every peak must come a trough so now I feel that I deserve a little break.
This is the quietest monday in the last six weeks. Not one person through the door yet and I've been open since 10.30. Let's hope it picks up this afternoon.
I think I  may have come up with the perfect solution to allow me to have a week off this summer. I'll let you know more once I've floated the idea to my think tank.
I hope that you have all been enjoying this summer weather. Yesterday was the first time I have actually spent the day in the sun. It was glorious.
Living by the sea in the summertime is a reminder that it is good to live here and how lucky I am. The sea was crystal clear and truly breathtaking.
I bought myself a long wetsuit yesterday as I am sick of not indulging my passion for all things underwater.  I cannot wait to get in it and get swimming again. The water in England is prohibitively cold even in the height of the summer.
I feel something creative calling me.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Sex On The Brain!

I thought that you might find it amusing to see what people put in search engines that generates hits on my blog. I found it last night and had a good chuckle to myself. Especially, ' sex with owner gallary'. What on earth is wrong with people? My five line blog titles 'Sex, sex and more sex' has had well over two hundred page views. I can only suppose that there are some lonely people out there and whatever gets you through the night. I should add that those numbers only reflect one day and on average I get that amount of page views of the aforementioned blog every day.
It is fairly quiet on the gallery front today as I have taken the majority of the work down and will be putting up the next exhibition tomorrow. I have filled, sanded(ish) and painted the walls again. So it's all ready to go for tomorrow.
I have a nice new advert in Evolver magazine so if you are local to Dorset have a peek.
There is so little to report that I am going to keep it short. Just a reminder that tomorrow evening there is a Private View of Maria Jirats' work at the gallery and I will be serving Pimms and nibbles if you are in the area, pop in.
Have a fantastic weekend! Hope the sun shines for you where ever you are!