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Friday, 29 July 2011

Everything In Its Right Place

I really thought that today was going to be busy as it's been getting steadily busier all week. It would seem that I was wrong. In fact I would say that it's the quietest that it has been in months. I hope that it is because the weekend is going to be full on hectic.
I have carried on with my super organizing and have sorted out the studio today. Everything in its right place. I have to admit it does look a bit too tidy for a working studio I might have to make some mess just to make it look lived in. Or more importantly worked in.
So I have my  'What's not my line' sign in the window and I have hidden my object . This is a carnival activity that I will readily admit that I love. Local shop owners all put something in their shop window that they do not usually sell. You get a form and you have to identify every single thing to be entered for a prize. I have done it for the last four years and probably will again this year.
I think as I intend to open this weekend I will probably close early as there hasn't been anyone through the door for the last four hours and as patient as I am there's only so much door watching that you can do.
If the sun was out I think it would be a different story.
As always let's hope that the weekend brings the sunshine with it and that we can all enjoy the benefits.
The title to todays blog was inspired by one of my favourite bands. 10 points if you can name them.

1 comment:

  1. Yes it's me.....
    Not into 'Honky' music....But...Seem to remember.....
    Queen have'in a song called Coming Soon....!
    Do points mean prizes.....! :0).

    And, l mean the band Queen, not the one in London......!