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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Twice In One Week!

I'm not sure whether I've put this on before

I know you might find it hard to believe but I was really too busy again yesterday to write my blog! I know twice in one week. I've told you before when there is a heightened degree of focus going on in my life I have to ride the wave of it. Next week I will be back to watching my thrillers and producing numerous bits of art. Although I have decided to spend the afternoon printing because I can. I was sorting out all the work that the people in my Monoprint workshop produced last week and I thought I should do some of that.
As usual the weather has gone off it's meds and is currently having what I think they call in mental health circles an 'episode'. I'm sure the majority of you who live down south woke up to a beautiful morning, as did I. It has done a disappearing trick. David Blaine eat your heart out!
I have sorted all the cover for my holiday and if you pop over whilst I'm away please be nice to my friends. If you come over on Monday 22nd you will have the pleasure of meeting the artist whose work will be on show. So if you're a fan of ceramics and beautifully crafted work I would suggest that you definitely come and visit.
So it's official schools out for Summer!! I am going to miss my long summer holiday. For those of you who regularly read my blog I wanted to let you know it's been exactly a year since I was made redundant. That time has absolutely flown. I can't say that I miss it because I don't. I miss working with the students that bit was very rewarding. I just hope that they are all following their dreams and have stuck with education.
I am hoping that today I am going to make a sale. I have a feeling that it could happen today. I won't be disappointed it would just be nice.
For those of you lucky enough to be on holiday now I hope that if you visit Swanage you will pop in and say hello. For the rest of you enjoy your weekend and let's hope that the weather gets its act together and lets us enjoy some lovely sunshine.
The Indian contingent have stopped reading my blog so the blog of whose name we shall not speak has dipped in the ratings. I am back to my normal 40-60 page views a day.


  1. Hi its nice to see the shop front, and the window we hear so much about, long with the smudgers finger prints, nice presentation,

  2. Thanks, I realised the other day that I hadn't posted a picture. Nice clean windows all smudges removed. Have a good weekend!