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Friday, 8 July 2011

Caught In The Act

I know that I have spoken before about certainties but I feel the need to do it again. Today there have been remarkably few visitors to the gallery. In fact at the point of writing this there have been only five. I know that it is because the weather has been far from great. So here is the certainty. Bear it in mind that I have been here since 11.00 and only five people have crossed the threshold and it's now nearly 4.00. Three of those five people have caught me on the toilet. Come on, what are the chances of that? Those odds are crazy. I hate coming out of the toilet to greet people it catches you both literally and metaphorically 'with your pants down'.
I also know that I can't shut the gallery every time I need the toilet.
Enough about that.
Very little to tell you about really, as five people over the course of five hours doesn't really generate that much information.
One of the most popular pictures in this current exhibition is also the biggest. The likelihood of it selling is fairly remote.
Such is life I guess. I am hoping that the weather will get back on track tomorrow and bring more people across the water and more visitors to the gallery.
I have now got a business mobile phone so that when people have made a special visit to the gallery and find it shut they can give me a ring and if  I'm local I will be able to come and open it up for them.
So if that ever happens to you the number will be on my door.
I hope that you all have fantastic things planned for this weekend and that the weather is kind to us all. It is the summer after all.


  1. Yep...Lovely posts this week, where did you take the top pic.....Cornwall...(Think about it)!
    And, l'm up for a good weekend, won a couple of tickets in the B/vale mag. Just phoned this morn'in, telling me l'd won, AND, it's to-night, at the Pavilion B'mouth. To-night....Still have'nt found anyone to take....Any offers...Ha!
    You all have a great weekend toooooo.....! :).

  2. Hi
    picture of installation interesting,
    where is it, who is it by,

  3. Willie, it's great that you won a competition. i never win anything. Not strictly true won a few booby prizes in the bast! Hope that you had a nice evening. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.P.S Looe??
    Santastu, I'll find out and let you know about the loos! Have a good weekend!