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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Spectrum = Rainbow

Tuesday is turning the tables on Monday. If Monday was full of exuberance and potential largely down to the sun and the blue skies. Tuesday is void of all of that. I have every light on and to be honest it's still a bit dull. I think the people mooching around Swanage today are feeling the gloom. I really hope that the shy summer stops hiding behind grey cloudy curtains.
All that being said I don't need to tell you that there have not been very many people through the door today. I am feeding my passion for art documentaries today. It is fascinating learning about the whys behind the paintings. It never ceases to amaze me what drives artists and also what art historians like to say about them. Obsession seems to be the word that I find echoed throughout most programmes when they talk about artists.
Having taught very gifted artists who have been on the autistic spectrum I would definitely wager that many artists sit comfortably on the spectrum too. I have tested myself and I am on the spectrum. I scored 25 the average score for a woman is between 11-15.
Try it for yourself. It's not science and is probably inherently flawed but it's interesting nevertheless.


I'm going to go for a late lunch as it has been so quiet at the gallery I may as well get my other chores done.
My day off tomorrow and it's as busy as they ever are. But the thing I am most determined to do is book a holiday as I have arranged (I hope) someone to cover me at the gallery. Sunshine and swimming here I come.

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