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Monday, 18 July 2011

Too Busy To Write My Blog

Monoprint Workshop
I'm sorry that I didn't get around to writing a blog on Saturday but I was busy doing my first printmaking workshop. It was fantastic, I think every one who attended had a good time and they all produced a huge amount of work and it was all really good. So I've already arranged the next one.
The dates are Saturday 13th August and Saturday 27th August if you want to come email me at info@lartishe.co.uk. I'll send you the details.
It's been another quiet day in Swanage but I'm guessing that's due to the weather being fairly dreadful.
I am looking forward to Swanage Carnival in a couple of weeks, I hope the weather improves for then.
I have finally booked my holiday and I am very fortunate to have good friends who are willing to lend a helping hand. So I've got cover and in four weeks time I'll be swimming in the Red Sea. I can't wait.
Just when you think the day is going to be total washout 11 people come through the door. It has been fairly busy since I started writing this. Considering it is chucking it down with rain.
There is a new app for the iPhone which is called Herston Lime. It is full of local information and now I've finally sent Ben the gallery information I will be on it. It is my favourite price free. So if you are planning a trip to Swanage and you want to get some ideas about what to see and where to go it was worth taking a look. It is definitely worth a look.
If you are local to the area and are interested in being listed just let me know and I can pass you details on to Ben.
That's all for now folks.

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