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Monday, 11 July 2011

Blowing Hot and Cold!

Sometimes I just like a nice picture!

A Monday that has the sun out and the sky blue must be the best way to start the week. I cannot wait to get central heating in the gallery. It bizarrely is not very warm at all. I still have the fire on most days as I am sat still doing admin and it makes me cold. I step outside and it's lovely and warm.
I spent an an enjoyable day yesterday with a terrible migraine. Yes folks I'm being ironic! I get maybe four a year and they just make my left eye close and necessitate me lying in a darkened room. All better today.
I am running a printmaking workshop this Saturday and I am very excited about that. I do miss teaching and any opportunity to do it is always welcome.
Don't worry a workshop specific list of things to do is well underway. Where would I be without them?
I have some blank canvasses for sale at the gallery at the moment if you're interested just pop in. They are incredibly reasonably priced and Daler Rowney so not cheap rubbish.
Would you like to be part of a collaborative art project? If you would then keep reading the blog as I will be putting details on here as soon as I have finalized the idea.
I am hoping that Swanage gets a little busier over the coming weeks and people visit the gallery and go away and tell all their friends.
Over two hours have passed since I started writing this blog. I have been inundated with people wanting to hire the gallery next year. All on the same day wanting virtually the same dates. Which is absolutely typical. Have to do some juggling around and I hope that I can accommodate everybody.
Word to the wise, I am starting to fill up for next year already and if you are thinking about hiring the gallery I would advise you to make contact with me and get pencilled in. Remember that Swanage is a hive of activity from Easter onwards and the Summer months are at a premium.
Wow, bookings rolling in for next year how exciting is that? I may spare a moment to pat myself on the back later.
Nearly 2.00 and I haven't done anything remotely creative, just made phone calls and answered emails. No more blogcrastination for me. 

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