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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Riddle Me This!

The Riddler

I have just completed two online quizzes about how creative I may or may not be. One says I am uber creative whilst the other says that I would not succeed in any creativity based role. I will not be putting a link to either of those quizzes. The one thing I did like was that I scored very highly as a fantasy thinker. I have no real idea what that means but I love the sound of it.
I had lots of messages about the autism/spectrum quiz. I'm glad so many of you took it. It would seem that the majority of my friends are not on the spectrum at all. I am not quite sure how to interpret that information. If I find any other links that help you to find out about yourself I will make sure that I put them on.
I found out today that the ad that is in Evolver says that my email contact is info@lartishe.com. It wasn't but I have now updated it to work with either .com or .co.uk. I am sorry if you have been trying to send me images for the Colour Open Exhibition and your emails keep being bounced back. I have sorted the problem.
Gallery news, I have had even more interest in hiring the gallery this week. I am so pleased. I am really convinced that everything is going to be ok. I can't say that I ever really had any doubt but it pays not be overly confident and humility is an attractive trait in anyone.
I have had a major tidy up today as I am having a printmaking workshop on Saturday. I like it to be nice and tidy for my clients. It also allows me to have a legitimate reason to clean, not that I need one.
It's been very quiet today. I have been procrastinating about putting my Summer opening times up as I am totally indecisive about what day to close.
I intend to make the decision today. So watch this space for the update.
I am going to spend the afternoon reading my book. If you like thrillers and have read the Steig Larsen trilogy. 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' etc you should definitely try Jo Nesbo. He's an awesome writer and his books are every bit as thrilling and captivating. They always make me stay up too late.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely....Lovely....Lovely......
    I don't need to do any quizzes to find out about me....
    My Therapist....My Psychiatrist. (Who is my daughter).
    Tell me the same thing.....
    "I'm the best there is...The best there was....And, the best there ever will be"...! :0).
    Soooo There.....! :).

    And, as for 'riddle'in'.....Used to do that as a child....? uuuuh!