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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dull Start But A Stunning Finish.

"What distinguishes a great artist from a weak one is first their sensibility and tenderness; second their imagination, and third, their industry"

John Ruskin

What does a day off mean to you? Well for me it seems to mean putting away a weeks worth of washing, doing some more, cleaning and general housework. I'm not sure about you but I kinda (sic) think that all those things are essentially work. I may well insist that Wednesday becomes my official day of rest and that no household chores will be completed.
There are days when you start out thinking that you can't really be bothered and you put minimal effort into achieving anything. That was me yesterday. Don't get me wrong I did exactly what needed to be done but no more. I had arranged to close the gallery early as I needed some supplies for the new piece that I'm working on and I was going to see Andrew Piesley about his solo exhibition.
I think that going to see the work of someone who has been producing art for 40 years and is still as passionate about a current work in progress as a drawing produced four decades ago, is a truly inspirational experience. The amount of work I saw was breathtaking, there's so much work that we have decided that one show will not be enough so there are going to be two. I'm going go and spend the day with him so that I can actually take it all in and start the difficult selection process. Only difficult because there is so much to choose from and I am impressed by it all. The first show will start at the beginning of April so if you are in Swanage definitely come and check it out.
Incidentally, that was why there was no blog yesterday as by the time I got home and had dinner it was bed o'clock.
If you are a creative person and you are suffering from a creative block, get yourself to an exhibition, a museum or anywhere that can inspire you. Life is too short to not do the thing you love. I am itching to get on with my new project as I now feel that having an exhibition of my work will be the culmination of all my achievements so far.
Exciting times. I am trying to contact local artists every day with the hope of exhibiting their work and I keep putting my blog as something they should look at. So if you are one of the very talented people that I have emailed please get in touch.

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