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Friday, 4 February 2011

Gallery Visitors Are Like Buses.............

Another day, another dollar. I wish. I planned to get busy printing today and I can proudly report that's exactly what I did. It feels so good. I haven't spent two days printing in one week since I graduated. Like all people in full-time employment you grab an hour here and an hour there if you're lucky. You daydream about the halcyon days of Uni when you were able to be self absorbed, creative daily and drank like a fish. I assure you I am no different. But for me now I am living the dream and as I've said before it feels good. I've no money but plenty of time and only enjoy 'moderate' drinking so my student days are being relived with the acquired maturity of my age.
Lisa has had the benefit of two days of one to one tuition and I have to say that the prints she is producing are looking really good. I must admit that it is good to be partially wearing my teacher hat again. There is definitely teaching in my bones, when you spend fifteen years doing it, something has got to stick. The biggest difference is that I don't have to persuade anyone to do anything, no cajoling, no promises of ciggy breaks just the beautiful imparting of knowledge from one person to another. You already know how that feels right?
Matt popped in and fitted my door alarms so my gallery is officially alarmed at every opening. The important thing is now, that I remember that I have to disarm them as well.
I have two takers for the Printmaking day workshop just need two more and I can set a date. If you're deliberating about coming to one, STOP!! I promise you that it will be money well spent. I don't have much planned at the gallery tomorrow so I think that I'll just carry on with the new piece that I'm working on.

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