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Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Sun Always Shines On TV

The sun shines when I work and when I play the sun goes into hiding and rain prevails. I thought that only happened at weekends when I used to get them off. Another glorious day and the optimism of Spring is in the air. I am, as always hoping that with the sun, will come visitors to the gallery. I was half right as there were more people today that yesterday.
I need the kind of people to walk through the door with deep pockets and an exceptional taste in art. I'm afraid the deep pockets trip them up long before they get to my door and they empty their pockets else where.
As a glass half full kind of person I am just biding my time as I know that with patience comes great rewards. When Patience gets here I let her know we are all waiting.
I designed a poster for a forthcoming exhibition today. I'm going to show you but I have updated the final draft with the correct dimensions. If you are in Swanage come and have a look I know you'll be impressed. The work we have selected should blow you away.
Spent the rest of the day drawing so that way great. More of the same tomorrow before I embark on a painting next week.

Just because I know a lot of people from all over read this, there's local lad missing in Swanage his name is Jesse John Jones he is 24 and has been missing since Saturday. If you know anything or have heard anything please phone 01202 222 222. Do your bit if you can.

Hope you had a good day and another one to follow tomorrow!

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