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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now! (Not Really)

Last night I went for the sensible option of lying awake until gone 2.00 am thinking about the most random of things. Today, I am particularly loving the fact that I did that. I'm thinking that the weather reflects how I feel, a bit grim.
I had the pleasure of meeting Willie today, he's a regular reader and has been sharing great emails with me with pictures of lots of cute cats etc. I'm a big fan of cats. He also was the first to donate some art for the Charity Auction. Thanks Willie. I'm going to upcycle one of the pictures to create a Sharon James original. So watch this space it should make you giggle.
A quiet day at the farm (gallery) I'm not surprised really as it is wet and miserable and that's just me inside!
Lisa is here today merrily making more collagraphs and drypoints and getting excited about printing them. I've cut my fourth collagraph bird skull, looking forward to printing them.
We have added ten more lights in the gallery as I've had a few comments about it not being bright enough so I have now remedied the situation and it is much brighter.
Can you believe that it is Friday tomorrow? I know I can't. I've sworn an oath on the Yellow Pages that there will be no repeat performance of last Fridays shenanigans. Home in bed at sensible o'clock without a drop of alcohol passing my lips. I'm a business owner now, none of this staying up late phoning in sick malarky for me.
I suggest that if you are fortunate enough to not be at work today it should be a Duvet Day where junk food should be consumed whilst watching cheesy films.
I'm not jealous much!

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