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Monday, 21 February 2011

Look, Luke, Buy!

The half term beginneth(sic) and thoughts of a busy Swanage are on every business owners mind. So there are a lot of busy heads with less than busy businesses. I am one of those very lucky individuals. It's hard being on the receiving end of half term. I am usually swanning around in a cloud of self satisfied, self indulgence. Not anymore, the new me has to door watch and send silent prayers to the patron saint of galleries St Look of Thenby. Actually, the patron saint of artists is actually St Luke so there you go.
I have spent the morning designing a poster for a forthcoming exhibition. It looks ok but I am going to look at it again tomorrow to see if I still like it.
I spent a very lovely Sunday afternoon with Andrew Piesely. We went through the majority of his work and have narrowed it down to the pieces that we intend to show. I'm very excited as there are some really stunning pieces of work that I would happily have in my home so let's hope the visitors to the gallery feel the same.
I have been putting off getting started with my creative pursuit for the day as I am trying to keep my business head on so that tomorrow can be totally free for art.
I've had three takers for the Abstract exhibition so far I hope that by the end of the week to have quadrupled that amount. remember there's only hanging space for about 20 paintings. I hope to hear from some more of you soon.
It would seem that a boot full of paintings is portentous. Last time I spent an hour  in torrential rain trying to persuade a wayward horse to go back to the field from whence he came. Today, a man was knocked of his bike and injured and I had to stop to make sure he was ok or if I could help in anyway. He wasn't and I couldn't but luckily there were people that could. I really hope that he is ok and that the ambulance arrived before too long.

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