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Saturday, 26 February 2011


Reflection seems to be my mood for the day. I have been thinking how easy it could have been to not be a gallery owner. How fortunate I am that circumstances prevailed and pushed me to live the dream. I know that I moan about the lack of people through the door but really it's all good. I am my own boss and I'm a fairly reasonable one. Except for the inordinate amount of cleaning that I have to do.
I had a truly sh***y thing happen this morning, I arrived at the gallery to find a letter from a magazine that I have spent my whole advertising budget with telling me they'd gone bust. I'm £400 lighter and no money to rethink/redo advertising. This is major arse. I will however, in my eternal optimist head space try and find a creative solution to this annoying occurrence.
The gallery has been pretty busy all day and people have started to collect the work that they bought at the opening. I have had lots of friend visitors too which is always nice especially when it's people that you haven't seen in a while.
I have been drawing and drawing and it is amazing how addictive it can become. I'm experimenting with my drawing styles as I am predisposed to drawing everything very accurately and this is not necessarily what I want to project.
I'm going to enjoy my day off tomorrow, I'm going to fill it with roast dinner and a well deserved glass of wine or two. Oh yeah and the sunday papers, I am an absolute glutton for chewing(metaphorically speaking) my way through the mass of paper that is the weekend papers.
I hope that whatever you are doing this weekend that it is loads and loads of fun but spare a thought for those who are having possibly the worst weekend of their lives so far.

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