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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What's That Annoying Ringing Sound?

Ring ring,ring ring, ring ring!! That's me ignoring the phone. Do you remember when I started my blog? I used to moan about the amount of cold calls that I was getting. Well a year on and all of my current contracts are up for renewal so the phone keeps ringing and unfortunately for me I have to keep answering it.
I cannot explain the tedium of this "Hello can I speak to Mrs James". I should tell them that ship has long since sailed. I'm afraid she no longer exists. Do you think that would shut them up? Maybe I'll give it a go.
Just a footnote really, why is it the more indignant I get the more placatory they get? When I really want to swear profusely at them for going on and on without letting me get a word in edge ways. I can feel my imaginary business partner making a welcome return to the gallery any time now. Then I can say 'I'm sorry I couldn't possibly make such an important decision without consulting my business partner, Goodbye'.
I have spent the morning tinkering with my various on line presences. It would seem that my innate inability to type means that I make stupid speeling mistakes ;). I know I did it. I need an assistant spell checker. I'm sure you've noticed them and I'll take this opportunity to apologise for them. Sorry.
My brain tends to work far quicker than my fingers can type.
It's oh so quiet at the gallery today. There are very few people mooching about today. I'm not sure that it's beach weather though.
I have been composing an email which I am probably going to have to get someone else to read before I send it. I find it really difficult to sell myself/the gallery. It's another thing to add to my learning rainbow.

I have been working on my in house photographers website this morning and it does look good. There is still some fine tuning to do but it should be up and running very soon.
My loyal reader Willie has been on at me for ages to change the colour of my blog. He thinks black is far too dull a colour for a gallery blog. I have searched through all the templates and I am struggling to find anything that allows me to do the same as this one. They might look colourful but they are limited. Also the blog ties in with the website perfectly.
It is that time of day that I think that I should get on and do something more interesting instead. You should too.

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  1. Hi, May I have your permission to download this great image to use on my websites?

    Thank you.
    Cheers, David Smith