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Saturday, 22 October 2011

I'm Off But Come and See Shirley!

I am convinced now more than ever that I should definitely have more time off. It would seem that in my absence my trusty stand ins sell stuff. I hope this is true next week. I'd love to come back and see lots of red dots.
I spent yesterday doing housework which is not as much fun as being at the gallery.
A big thanks to Liz Hatcher for looking after the gallery yesterday.
It has been busy at the gallery today if the last two hours are anything to go by, 20 people through the door. There are a few pieces that seem really popular and to be honest I'm surprised they haven't sold yet as they are very reasonably priced.
I want you all to keep your eyes open as I have got adverts coming out in Evolver and also the Purbeck Gazette.
I often have a break when writing my blog as I like to make sure it reflects the whole day. It's now 4.15pm and I have had 34 people through the door. I think that's my second highest ever. Let's hope that all these visitors turn into sales next week. People quite often like to go away and think about it.
You will have a whole week off from me so I hope that you enjoy it. I will be back with you next Saturday.
I hope that you have a great weekend and for those of you lucky enough to be on half term next week, hope the sun shines and you have a really good week.

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