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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Every Cloud.........

I couldn't wait until Monday as I could see that my stats had dropped off significantly due to the fact that I was not posting in all my usual places. I have tweaked the old blog and I hope that you like it. I said it in my blog the other day, newer does not necessarily equate to better. In terms of my blog that really was the case.
Isn't it strange that the new designs available allow you considerably less control and no real additional content.
Oh well another thing to add to my learning rainbow!
It is boiling outside and I'm sat here with the heater on as the gallery maintains it's cool in every way.
Whilst I am never going to be fan of anything government (not until we get true democracy anyway) I have to say that not paying business rates for another year was very welcome news and today I found out that I am due a nice big tax rebate. So cheers for that.
I have done the picture reshuffle as I said I would and consequently sold the three pieces I had just hung.
Margaret Lawton came to collect her work as it is going on to be another exhibition the A303 Open if you didn't see it here then you might be able to catch it there. We were discussing how surprised we were that certain things hadn't sold as they are really good. Within two minutes of that conversation ending I sold three of the pieces that we had been talking about. Makes me feel slightly better about being stuck inside on one of the hottest days of the year.
I'm hoping that you are reading this when the sun has completely disappeared because you were too busy being outside enjoying it to read it when I posted it.
I am plotting and scheming how to spend my day off tomorrow. I may even get in the sea and go seahorse hunting. Now I've got my super thick wetsuit.

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  1. No!....I'm off to the front room to watch the footie.....Still, it'll over by 2:30...Then patio time...Then Barby time.....! :).

    Just one tiny thing....Wish you'd get away from the colour black...It's horrid, and some things are difficult to read, because of the background....Art, is full of gay, happy colours....Mostly anyway...!
    And, there are some lovely templates to choose from....