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Monday, 10 October 2011

Another Day, Another List.

Back to the daily grind. Although for me it's more grime than grind. As usual I have to do a thorough clean to set me up for the entire week.
I have also got my new list of things to do to work through. It is surprising how they seem to develop a life of their own. It would be even more handy if they managed to complete the necessary tasks as well.
I cannot believe how time flies, the current exhibition finishes this week. It's been on for six weeks already.
After a late flurry of visitors on Saturday it turned out to be one of my busiest days for the last couple of weeks.
You know that I am always trying to promote either the gallery or worthy causes. So here's my list for Monday.
There is a charity raffle for Macmillan Cancer and I have donated one of my prints as a prize. It is one of my more conservative images, it's of the sea. So if you are local to Swanage and have an opportunity to support this great cause then please do.
On a completely different note there is an opportunity for artists working in any field to be part of something quite exciting. Unfortunately, I am way too busy to even consider entering this myself but I know there are those of you that would relish the challenge. Here's a link to the site. There's money attached and it could be a really good commission.


I am mentally gearing up for the next exhibition, which is going to be 'All fired Up'. A group exhibition of ceramics. The Private View will be from 3.00 - 6.00 this coming Saturday. It would be lovely to see you here.

I have also finished tweaking my website for the moment. I have started to link artist websites with their images that appear on my website.
I'd love some feedback if you could have a look and let me know what you think that would be great.

I have some serious research to do this afternoon so I best stop writing this and get on with it.

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