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Monday, 17 October 2011

Price List Pilfering!

Well hello and welcome to blog number 326! Yes you read it right! I can't quite believe that I have written that many. I always thought that one day I would write a book but as of yet I have not got round to it. I'm sure that if I compiled all 326 blogs there would be enough material for a book.
When I have that much time on my hands then something will have gone horribly wrong as I am always busy.
Saturdays Private View was a great success, there were so many people through the door and some sales which was great. A great time was had by all and all the Pimms got drunk which is always a good sign.
I think this show is a real crowd pleaser as there are some really quirky bits that appeal to everybody. I'm not going to tell you come and check it out as I don't want to repeat myself.
Do you remember some time ago I wrote a blog about people stealing price lists? Saturday was no exception, I printed out 40 and then my printer ran out of ink so I had to send a friend to photocopy it 10 more times. Seriously, I had to stop people leaving with them, if I knew them I asked them just what exactly did they intend to do with them once they had left the gallery. They mostly shrugged and said they didn't know. I watched people carefully fold them up and stuff them into pockets, handbags etc but it begs the question WHY TAKE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE? There is a strange fascination with taking away anything that is going free. I may have to start charging.
My friends husband suggested attaching them to a retractable dog lead that I could retract should they set foot out the door.
I welcome any other thief proof suggestions that you may have. I am open to even your wackiest ideas.
It's gone horribly grey and miserable I am not looking forward to the winter. I can already feel the need for thermals.
If you are an artist living in Dorset can I recommend joining Dorset Visual Arts. I have heard great things about them and also their vision for developing the local art scene is very exciting indeed.
I think  that I have covered everything see you soon!

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  1. I just remember the official name for it 'Pricelistostealia'.