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Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Holiday's Over!

And So Am I

I have returned. I had a good holiday I managed to keep surprisingly dry in Wales. I saw dolphins at New Quay and some amazing beaches up that whole coast line. I can totally recommend that part of Wales as it's very pretty.
I would like to thank Shirley for doing an amazing job of standing in for me at the gallery. I found everything nice and tidy and very good order. So thanks for that Shirley.
I am pleased to report that this show has been very well received.
I am wading my way through the paperwork that has been neglected in my absence. That is always the most tedious bit of coming home, that and the piles of washing that inevitably need to be done.
I have to get my blog writing head back on, I think I might have left a bit of it in Wales.
If you are a local artist and you are reading my blog can I suggest you think about entering the Christmas show. The more the merrier I really would like the show to reflect the variety of work being produced locally. If you have always thought that you would like to be involved or show your work at a gallery then now is the time to get an application form and fill it in.
In my absence the windows had built up more grease than a deep fat fryer on a Saturday night. It is so weird that it so greasy. Don't worry I was up my trusty step ladder this morning polishing like my life depended on it. All the while holding on the window frame like my balance depended on it.
I often wonder what people think when they see me go about the chore of window cleaning. I give it all I've got with a white knuckle grip on the window frame. If I was watching me I'd probably have a sly giggle.
A busy week ahead for me with lots to do and lots to get out there. My new adverts are in Evolver and the Purbeck Gazette so please do have a look.
I hope that you have a great weekend.

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