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Friday, 7 October 2011

Premature Ageing

I have managed to have one day off from my blog every week now but believe me when I say it is because I have been too busy to actually write it. I spent the whole day yesterday designing my adverts for various publications. For months now I have been ageing and greying significantly every time that I have to produce some form of publicity for the gallery. This is due to the fact that I am not a graphic designer. So yesterday when I returned a call to my sister and proceeded to spend nearly two hours on the phone to her. I ask her how to do something and she says 'you should do all that kind of work in Powerpoint'. I open it up and get started and within no time whatsoever I can see that she was totally right. It works logically and accurately and can be saved as a pdf. I could have cried tear of relief when I finished two jobs that would usually take me a day each. You will have to look for the results yourself in the latest edition of Evolver and also the Purbeck Gazette.
I have also written an editorial for the P.G. I have no problem at all writing my blog but when it comes to publicity there is a stumbling block that I cannot seem to get over. You'll have to look at the fruits of my labour when it gets published.
I am writing an early blog as I anticipate being as busy today as I was yesterday. I am going to be working on the website as soon as I have checked and sent the adverts.
What a difference a week makes. It is hard to believe that this time last week I was organising an evening picnic at Kimmeridge as the weather was so lovely.
Today I got up and put the heating on.
It is the Blues Festival in Swanage this weekend and I think that even if you don't like Blues particularly you would have a great time over here. Lots of live music in a really good variety of venues and there is generally a good buzz in the air. You could also take that opportunity to pop into the gallery and I would be very pleased to see you.
I best get ready and go to work as I have written this blog from the comfort of my bed. Lovely!

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