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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Show Me The Way To Go Home................................

Definitely the latter as opposed to the former

I'm not sure that not drinking coffee is agreeing with me. After the initial self righteous pat on the back for having functioned without it I am now in mourning. I really miss the fact that it made me wake up significantly more than I am able to achieve without it.
I slid off the wagon and indulged in a cup this morning it was like a tease. I didn't want to stop at one it was definitely a two coffee morning.
I had the luxury of having the morning off work today as I had to get my haircut. My hairdresser just laughed when he saw how long it had grown in the 3 months since I'd last visited him. I like the fact that he just dives in almost immediately and starts snipping away.
There has definitely been an increase in traffic at the gallery today which is a very good thing. I was growing concerned that it has been so very quiet this week. But take away the sun and that is when people get a mooch on and visit the gallery.
I have also been playing with the website again today. Editing the pictures out that were just padding it out a bit. I have now added several new ones, so if you want to see what kind of art I have on show at the gallery you should check it out as there is a much better representation of a wider range of artists and their work.


If you haven't made it to Swanage this weekend then I think you will have missed out on the Blues Festival and seeing the current exhibition which ends next week.
A wealth of free entertainment awaits you in Swanage and I might have mentioned before that is my favourite price.
I was contemplating closing early but there have been so many people in I think I'll just wait it out. You never know I might get a sale.
I hope that you have great stuff planned to do this weekend and that the lack of sun doesn't wreck any of your plans.
See you back here on Monday!

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