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Friday, 27 July 2012

Summer of Fun in Swanage!

You won't be hearing from me for a week. Please muffle your huge sigh of relief. I am off on holiday and I cannot wait. It means that I can finally go swimming in a nice warm sea. I have many gallery sitters so please make sure if you come into the gallery that you say hi to them.

The weather is right for mooching and so the gallery has been nice and busy.
I think the drawing open exhibition in February is going to be a definite yes. How exciting is that. Now I have to publicize it and make sure that I get lots of people involved.
The next exhibition at the gallery is Sally Maltby and Kitty Wass it will be a combination of painting and jewellery. It will be up on my return so do come along and see it.

If you want to have some very family friendly fun next week you should head to Swanage as it is Carnival Week. There are tons of things to do sand sculpture competition, treasure hunts, live music, The Red Arrows, fireworks and seriously lots more. Not to mention the fantastic exhibition that is currently on at the gallery.
Have a great weekend and if you are on holiday I hope that the sun continues to shine for you!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Drawing Open Exhibition in February

Well, it would seem that Thursday is the day for gallery moochers. They have been flocking through door since 10.00 this morning. That has meant that my doing day has been spent chatting to various people about potential bookings and the current exhibit. You should definitely make it your mission to see it because it really is as good as I say it is. So don't take my word for it come and see for yourself.

Henry Moore - Drawings for Sculpture
I have to say that yesterday was one of the best days off that I have had in months. I hung out on the beach for the entire day with all my friends at some point or another. I ventured into the sea which I very rarely do as can tell you that it is generally far too cold for for me. But as it was so hot yesterday I made an exception. It was refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am pondering having a drawing open in February what do you think? I would like to fill the gallery with artists drawings and sketchbooks as they are seldom seen. We often just see the end products not the initial drawings. I want the painters, sculptors and printmakers to get their drawings out. 

'When I make my drawings.....the path traced by my pencil is to some extent, analogous to the gesture of a man groping his way in the darkness'

Alberto Giacometti

'I have learnt that what I have not drawn I have never really seen, and that when I start to draw an ordinary thing I realise how extraordinary it is'.

Frederick Franck

A few of my favourite drawing quotes.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Art Lovers I Am Open

One of the pictures that's in the Kimmeridge Exhibition
By Tom Wishart

The gallery owners irony. When the weather is rubbish no one comes to the gallery and when the sun is out no one comes to the gallery. I find it hard to complain though as we all badly needed the sunshine. It has been busier today than yesterday so it's not too bad.
I have been ploughing through all of my admin in preparation for my holiday next week. It is quite scary when you look back at your old list of things to do and realize that number 1 on the list is still number 1 on the list on many, many lists later.
I am the Queen of procrastination especially for the more difficult jobs. I know that I am not the only one.
So here's a sneaky peek at who I've got lined up for later on this Summer. After the Kimmeridge Open I've got Sally Maltby and Kitty Wass. They are followed by the very talented photographer Graeme Perkins. Then there is the Josh Hollingshead exhibition which will feature very large scale paintings that are very interesting.
In October there is a textiles show that features some of the Souths' best textile artists.
So if any of those sound interesting you know where to come.


Saturday, 21 July 2012

Random Acts Of Remembering

Barbara Kassab

I have to apologize for my absence but I have been totally uninspired and rather than bore you to tears I thought I'd save you from my inane rambling.
It has however been a good week. Plenty of visitors to the new show and a few sales. I hope that you are able to come and see this show.
A totally random thing yesterday, a man came into the shop and said 'I need to ask you a question'. I said fine fire away. He said 'I was at Studland an a woman in the National Trust shop told me that you are from St Kitts, do you know Leonard James?' I said that I didn't he then reeled off a lot different names of people he knew and it turns out that he knew my grandfather Sir Maurice Davis, and his wife, several other relatives on my Mums side and quite a few of friends of my Dads. It was crazy he just kept firing names at me that I recognized.
It was really nice to have a chat with him and his wife. I rang my Dad who informed me that I did in fact know Leonard James as I'd met him when I was in St Kitts.
Crazy stuff, but it made a nice change from chatting about art.
I have had the morning off and I spent it lazing around which was much needed as I had been feeling very tired due to the whole two exhibitions up and down in 10 days. Phew!!
I am starting to get booked up for next year already which is great. I am having my show in March so I must get busy and make some.
I should explain the picture for todays blog. Barbara Kassab is an artist that lives in St Kitts and when I was there I went to her house. I had definite house envy it over looked a place called Frigate Bay which is stunning. I though I would use one of her pictures as she was someone else that my visitor yesterday knew too.
Have a fantastic weekend and I hope that the sun shines for you!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Kimmeridge - A Different Perspective

I nearly gave up before I even started writing my blog. It was very difficult to get myself into my own blog.  Well, today was full of fun, if you call waiting for several pieces to arrive fun. It is almost impossible to visualise the exhibition without all the work in the gallery. I still have two pieces to come tomorrow morning so if you come to this exhibition do not be surprised by the somewhat erratic labelling.
It is a very eclectic exhibition, that includes, ceramics, stone carving, jewellery, animation, paintings and photography.
I am very pleased to announce that Philip Mansell from the Kimmeridge Estate came to the exhibition today. He really enjoyed it and bought an assemblage by Richard Jefferey.
I love it when something sells before the show even starts I think it is a good omen. This how has quite a long run (three weeks) so it will be on during the summer holidays. If you plan to visit during Carnival Week then please make sure that you visit the gallery and have a look at this exhibition.
I would like to invite you to the Private View which is tomorrow and starts at 4.00 and ends at 7.30.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Shine A Light!

Right in front of the gallery
The flaming Olympic Torch passed right in front of the gallery today. Look at the picture I was stood in my front door.
I have to say it was a really big advert for LLoyds. I like the fact that little old Swanage was included in this historical event.
It is amazing what a difference the lack of rain does in terms of visitors to the gallery. It has been busy all day which is great.
I am beavering away trying to get as much of my own work done as possible. I have visions of my own exhibition in March.  I shall keep you informed!
I'm only at the gallery for a couple of hours tomorrow so if you come in you will see Sue, my new gallery babysitter. She very kindly is filling in for me. Please make sure you are friendly and say hi.
I had better go and get everything organized for her so that it all goes as smoothly as possible.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Kimmeridge Deadline Is Here People!!!!

It is true to say that many artists are a very disorganized bunch. My Kimmeridge exhibition has been a nightmare to coordinate. Apparently, a deadline is a date that is set by people who want everyone to ignore it but if they remember it they want to be fussed over like they are centre of the universe. I am only to happy to oblige I hasten to add. I am grateful to anybody that does a 'Ronseal'. I thank those of you that do.
If like me you were up at 6.00 am this morning then you like me would probably have been fooled into thinking that today was going to be an absolute scorcher. My bedroom was like someone had switched a light on. There was not a cloud in the sky. If you are out and about now, you will know that we were both wrong.
I had a great day of sales on Tuesday, in fact it was the most sales that I have ever had in one day at the gallery. It was fantastic.
Today is the polar opposite, which is a little depressing. The show is still brilliant so please do pop in and see it.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Selling Like Hot Drawings!

Why haven't I written a blog since Friday? You may well ask. I have been too busy that is why. I would usually write it at home in the evening but I have had no internet there since Friday.
What is annoying , is that there are several little anecdotes that I wanted to tell you but my sieve like memory has allowed me to forget virtually all of them.
A few observations though, when hanging an entire exhibition of drawings.

  1. Do not skimp on the blu tack. Cheaper brands will let you down.
  2. Regular hand washing is a must when handling charcoal and pastels.
  3. Do not under estimate the time it will take to hang 86 drawings.
  4. Writing a price list that is 86 people long should be done whilst listening to mellow music and with not too much caffeine in your bloodstream.
  5. Check all corners first thing in the morning as they will flap if you let them.

I hereby declare that vol au vents are not gallery fayre! What do I mean by that? Well as lovely as they were and they were lovely. They created more crumbs per square metre than 100 newly emptied bread packets. If I have told you several times before how OCD about cleaning, it was all I could do, to not get the hoover out and clean up right there and then.
That being said it was a fantastic Private View with a really good turn out and plenty of positive feedback.
I sold one of my iPad drawings last night which is great. That makes it first, I have never exhibited them let alone sold one of them.
I am very happy about that, I was even happier that I sold another one this morning. It would seem that people like the way I draw.
I have also been asked if I would consider teaching an iPad master class. I think that is something I could do. If you fancy coming along them let me know.

I say it every time but it would seem that people like to ignore me. The art in this exhibition is ridiculously good value for money. there are also some very collectable names at very reasonable prices. You could buy something now and stash it away for rainy day. You will have to trust me on that.

It's a short exhibition so when it's gone, it's gone so please do come and see it.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Rationing Is Back Only this Time It's The Weather

After the glorious day yesterday I have to say that my optimism was a bit premature. The summer is continuing to disappoint. Instead of joining my friends in the pub last night I went home and played in my jungle that sometimes doubles as my garden.
I hacked my way through to create a path that once lay hidden by the overly fertile weeds that this wet weather is enabling to grow at an alarming rate.
I just needed a few more days like yesterday to get it under control. I bet there are many gardeners out there who feel my pain.
The obvious outcome from this weather is that the gallery continues to be quiet. You might think I am weather obsessed but as a business owner it is disastrous when the weather does not play ball.
What is it about petty minded people that makes me want to poke them in the eye? Oh yeah their petty mindedness.
Some people would do well to remember what their mum used to say 'If you haven't got something nice to say then don't say anything at all!'.
I would be eternally grateful if they all practiced this as freely as possible.
We all know people like this so maybe we could get them all to think before they speak! Or just to shut up.
On a more positive note, I am going to be working with the Rock a Hula Club to get another market event off the ground. This is going to be an evening market with a band, DJs, food, stalls and possibly even haircuts.
If you are creative and make anything that could safely sell for under £50 then get in touch. The event will be called Rock the Kasbah! It will take place on Friday 17th August from 8.00 - 12.00pm.
You know how to contact me here's my email just in case you don't lartishegallery@mail.com.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Last day of Vic Smith and Brian Smithies exhibition tomorrow, if you haven't seen it then take a trip to Swanage tomorrow.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

It's Sunny, Come To Swanage!

I was doing some pigeon fancying earlier, I'm not quite sure I have got the hang of it though. I had fanciful ideas of getting rid of them. They have been applying their Pollock like splashes to my windows and the pavement in front of the gallery. It is quite tedious to have to tirelessly scrub at their leavings. But I am also none too fond of it been trodden through the gallery either so I will have to embrace my role as a scrubber.
The sun has indeed got his/her hat on and has finally come out to play. It actually feels quite summery outside.
I hope that it means that we have finally turned a corner in terms of the weather.
There are just a few more days to catch the current exhibition, it would be good to see you.
I am now gearing up for the next exhibition of drawings. I have put mine in to be printed and I should get them back this evening I cannot wait to see how they've turned out.
Here's another one of my drawings that I did that day. Please come to the Private View on Monday 9th July from 4.00 until 7.00. I hope to see you there.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bobbing Along On A Rain Wave

Alison Allum ( I think)

I am happy to report that it is still raining in Swanage, there might be some sarcasm in that statement. The British summertime just keeps on giving us no reason to ignore the hosepipe ban. It is spelling disaster in terms of visitors to the town. It is so quiet that I have actually had time to do some printing and get my paper pulp ready to make some paper on Thursday.
I read something today about sugary breakfasts not filling you up until lunch and I am living proof that, that is a fact. I would fare much better if someone would come round to my house and make me a protein rich breakfast such as eggs on toast or scrambled egg and mushrooms.
I would obviously like this service provided for free. Anyone fancy it?
Moving swiftly on to gallery news to be honest there is not a great deal to report. I am seriously toying with the idea of having my own exhibition next March. That's when my birthday is and also it would be a good time as it is fairly quiet.
I must make the absolute most of the quiet times at the gallery to get my own work finished so that I can get it over to Chris at Sansom to make my frames.
I am going to be setting him some fairly challenging frames to make for me. It should be fantastic to see it all up and a little bit daunting too.
Busy weekend ahead, a show down and a show up that's just how I like to roll. Just remember that the drawing exhibition will feature work from some the best local artists and me! If you like the featured image you could own it if you come to the next exhibition.

Monday, 2 July 2012

A Lot More People Please!

I have to tell you that if you were not at the Dub Pistols last you missed a real treat. It was possibly the best night ever in Swanage.
I am very grateful for the sunny start to the day as it has meant that the gallery has been nice and busy today, so thank you sun for that.
I like it when we pass the 25 visitors mark it makes me feel like it was totally worth getting out of bed. It is always hard the thought of working on a Saturday but when  it's busy it makes totally worth it.
It was actually that busy that it is now Monday and I have just pulled up my blog to finish writing it.
I have got to confess at 5.02 I got perturbed as someone sauntered in when I was just trying to leave. But to ensure that I never disappoint a visitor I hid my big sigh and put on a happy face.
I am for ever the professional.
There is absolutely no need for me to tell you about my continued disillusionment with the current climate.
I am fairly convinced that I should not be wearing a wool jumper, knee length boots and have the heater on.
It is with great excitement that I can announce that two people just came into the gallery.
This time next week it is all change and I hope that you will be able to join me at the gallery from 4.00 onwards for the Private View of drawings that were produced during the Purbeck Arts Weeks Festival.
If you like to buy great art at very reasonable prices then this really is the exhibition for you.