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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Selling Like Hot Drawings!

Why haven't I written a blog since Friday? You may well ask. I have been too busy that is why. I would usually write it at home in the evening but I have had no internet there since Friday.
What is annoying , is that there are several little anecdotes that I wanted to tell you but my sieve like memory has allowed me to forget virtually all of them.
A few observations though, when hanging an entire exhibition of drawings.

  1. Do not skimp on the blu tack. Cheaper brands will let you down.
  2. Regular hand washing is a must when handling charcoal and pastels.
  3. Do not under estimate the time it will take to hang 86 drawings.
  4. Writing a price list that is 86 people long should be done whilst listening to mellow music and with not too much caffeine in your bloodstream.
  5. Check all corners first thing in the morning as they will flap if you let them.

I hereby declare that vol au vents are not gallery fayre! What do I mean by that? Well as lovely as they were and they were lovely. They created more crumbs per square metre than 100 newly emptied bread packets. If I have told you several times before how OCD about cleaning, it was all I could do, to not get the hoover out and clean up right there and then.
That being said it was a fantastic Private View with a really good turn out and plenty of positive feedback.
I sold one of my iPad drawings last night which is great. That makes it first, I have never exhibited them let alone sold one of them.
I am very happy about that, I was even happier that I sold another one this morning. It would seem that people like the way I draw.
I have also been asked if I would consider teaching an iPad master class. I think that is something I could do. If you fancy coming along them let me know.

I say it every time but it would seem that people like to ignore me. The art in this exhibition is ridiculously good value for money. there are also some very collectable names at very reasonable prices. You could buy something now and stash it away for rainy day. You will have to trust me on that.

It's a short exhibition so when it's gone, it's gone so please do come and see it.

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