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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Drawing Open Exhibition in February

Well, it would seem that Thursday is the day for gallery moochers. They have been flocking through door since 10.00 this morning. That has meant that my doing day has been spent chatting to various people about potential bookings and the current exhibit. You should definitely make it your mission to see it because it really is as good as I say it is. So don't take my word for it come and see for yourself.

Henry Moore - Drawings for Sculpture
I have to say that yesterday was one of the best days off that I have had in months. I hung out on the beach for the entire day with all my friends at some point or another. I ventured into the sea which I very rarely do as can tell you that it is generally far too cold for for me. But as it was so hot yesterday I made an exception. It was refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am pondering having a drawing open in February what do you think? I would like to fill the gallery with artists drawings and sketchbooks as they are seldom seen. We often just see the end products not the initial drawings. I want the painters, sculptors and printmakers to get their drawings out. 

'When I make my drawings.....the path traced by my pencil is to some extent, analogous to the gesture of a man groping his way in the darkness'

Alberto Giacometti

'I have learnt that what I have not drawn I have never really seen, and that when I start to draw an ordinary thing I realise how extraordinary it is'.

Frederick Franck

A few of my favourite drawing quotes.

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