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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bobbing Along On A Rain Wave

Alison Allum ( I think)

I am happy to report that it is still raining in Swanage, there might be some sarcasm in that statement. The British summertime just keeps on giving us no reason to ignore the hosepipe ban. It is spelling disaster in terms of visitors to the town. It is so quiet that I have actually had time to do some printing and get my paper pulp ready to make some paper on Thursday.
I read something today about sugary breakfasts not filling you up until lunch and I am living proof that, that is a fact. I would fare much better if someone would come round to my house and make me a protein rich breakfast such as eggs on toast or scrambled egg and mushrooms.
I would obviously like this service provided for free. Anyone fancy it?
Moving swiftly on to gallery news to be honest there is not a great deal to report. I am seriously toying with the idea of having my own exhibition next March. That's when my birthday is and also it would be a good time as it is fairly quiet.
I must make the absolute most of the quiet times at the gallery to get my own work finished so that I can get it over to Chris at Sansom to make my frames.
I am going to be setting him some fairly challenging frames to make for me. It should be fantastic to see it all up and a little bit daunting too.
Busy weekend ahead, a show down and a show up that's just how I like to roll. Just remember that the drawing exhibition will feature work from some the best local artists and me! If you like the featured image you could own it if you come to the next exhibition.

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