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Thursday, 5 July 2012

It's Sunny, Come To Swanage!

I was doing some pigeon fancying earlier, I'm not quite sure I have got the hang of it though. I had fanciful ideas of getting rid of them. They have been applying their Pollock like splashes to my windows and the pavement in front of the gallery. It is quite tedious to have to tirelessly scrub at their leavings. But I am also none too fond of it been trodden through the gallery either so I will have to embrace my role as a scrubber.
The sun has indeed got his/her hat on and has finally come out to play. It actually feels quite summery outside.
I hope that it means that we have finally turned a corner in terms of the weather.
There are just a few more days to catch the current exhibition, it would be good to see you.
I am now gearing up for the next exhibition of drawings. I have put mine in to be printed and I should get them back this evening I cannot wait to see how they've turned out.
Here's another one of my drawings that I did that day. Please come to the Private View on Monday 9th July from 4.00 until 7.00. I hope to see you there.

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