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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Art Lovers I Am Open

One of the pictures that's in the Kimmeridge Exhibition
By Tom Wishart

The gallery owners irony. When the weather is rubbish no one comes to the gallery and when the sun is out no one comes to the gallery. I find it hard to complain though as we all badly needed the sunshine. It has been busier today than yesterday so it's not too bad.
I have been ploughing through all of my admin in preparation for my holiday next week. It is quite scary when you look back at your old list of things to do and realize that number 1 on the list is still number 1 on the list on many, many lists later.
I am the Queen of procrastination especially for the more difficult jobs. I know that I am not the only one.
So here's a sneaky peek at who I've got lined up for later on this Summer. After the Kimmeridge Open I've got Sally Maltby and Kitty Wass. They are followed by the very talented photographer Graeme Perkins. Then there is the Josh Hollingshead exhibition which will feature very large scale paintings that are very interesting.
In October there is a textiles show that features some of the Souths' best textile artists.
So if any of those sound interesting you know where to come.


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